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About ACCE

Advocacy Awards Criteria


Lifetime Achievement Award

Award Criteria: This award is the highest award given by ACCE. It is presented annually to a single individual based on lifelong accomplishments and contributions to clinical engineering (CE) profession.

ACCE/HTF Marv Shepherd Patient Safety Award

Award Criteria: This joint award from ACCE and Healthcare Technology Foundation (HTF)  will be bestowed on a single individual or one entity who has excelled in the "safety" area related to the CE field. Potential awardees could be a national investigator of accidents, an inventor of a safety device, or an author of books on medical device hazards, etc.


Award Criteria: Non-members of ACCE are eligible to be nominated for this award, provided they meet the criteria for membership. A single individual will be selected based on his/her achievements in the field of medical technology within the CE field, for example, an individual who has contributed to the design of a "safe" environment or has shown significant activities in technology management and assessment.

Tom O'Dea Advocacy Award

Award Criteria: A single individual will be selected for this award, based on published articles,  presentations given, and efforts led which have advanced the field of CE – especially in promoting the profession to people in other related fields.

Professional Achievement in Management / Managerial Excellence Award

Award Criteria:  Nominees for this award will be evaluated on their contributions to the CE profession of a managerial nature, such as a paper of significance, solving of a problem or issue for the profession, or the application of new techniques to CE with measurable positive results. Only a single awardee will be selected.

Professional Achievement in Technology / Professional Development Award

Award Criteria:  A single awardee will be selected for his/her contributions to the CE profession. These contributions must be of a professional or technical nature, such as research or development of a new technique or product, a paper of significance on a technical issue, or "trailblazing" work in a new application of clinical engineering.

Antonio Hernandez International Clinical Engineering Award
Award Criteria: This award will be presented to one CE Professional or a group of CE professionals from a country in which CE is an emerging field in recognition of that person's or group of persons' extraordinary contributions to the advancement of CE in his/her/their own country or, to an individual or a group of professionals from another country/countries for his/her/their extraordinary efforts in supporting this advance.

ACCE/HTF International  Organization Award

Award Criteria: This Award is given to a professional organization outside of the United States and Canada that has enabled significant improvements in clinical engineering/healthcare technology management (CE/HTM) in its respective country after starting to collaborate with ACCE with the support from WHO, IFMBE, PAHO, and others. This award is sponsored by the Healthcare Technology Foundation.

CE-HTM Champion Award

Award Criteria: This Award will be bestowed on a single individual, a health delivery system leader who has championed CE and Health Technology Management (HTM) in a manner that has significantly heightened the status of the HTM profession in the U.S. and/or around the world.

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