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About ACCE

The ACCE Student Paper Competition showcases the extraordinary talents of both undergraduate and graduate clinical engineering students through their development of a paper involving any area of clinical engineering practice. The award will be given to a maximum of 6 individuals currently enrolled in a CE or related college level program. One award in each division (undergraduate, graduate, doctorate) will go to a student in US/Canada and an international student. Entries must be single author papers. Submissions with multiple authors will not be accepted.


  • The competition is open to current students, undergraduate, or graduate in a clinical/biomedical engineering or related graduate programs
  • The 3 Divisions are: Undergraduate Division - Master Division - Doctorate Division
  • Submissions must be single author, multi-author papers are not eligible.

Selection of winners: Winning papers of each category will be selected by the ACCE Advocacy Committee based on, among other factors:

  • Relevance: Relevance to current and future concerns in patient management
  • Fundamentals: Author's fundamental understanding of the subject
  • Familiarity: Author's familiarity with other relevant work in the field
  • Application: The application of author's topic in the profession of clinical engineering or related
  • Analysis: Appropriateness of the methods of analysis
  • Structure of delivery: The presentation/format of the oral/written work by the student
  • Conclusion: The ability of the results and discussion to support the conclusion.

To enter the competition:

  • Complete this entry for​m​​ including your Division (Undergraduate, Graduate, or Doctorate)
  • Deadline for the 2023 paper competition: January 31, 2023

Award Winners


Christopher Gray

Division: US/Canada Master

1st Place

Christopher Gray

Graduate Student at University of Ottawa


Eden D'Souza

Division: US/Canada Master

1st Place

Eden D'Souza, E.I.T.

Graduate Student at Carleton University


Ms. Payal Mandot

Division: US/Canada Master

1st Place

Ms. Payal Mandot

Graduate student at University of Ottawa
Ms. Rachele Fabbri

Division: International Master

1st Place

Ms. Rachele Fabbri

Graduate student at University of Florence

​​A Collaborative RESTful cloud-based tool for management of chromatic pupillometri in a clinical trial

Ms. Priyanka Upendra

Division: US/Canada Doctorate

1st Place

Ms. Priyanka Upendra

Graduate student at Capella University


Cooper Schwabe, Master Program at University of Connecticut

Division: Graduate

Cooper Schwabe

Master Program at University of Connecticut
Understanding the Electromagnetic Interference Associated with Clinical Mobile Computer and Oscillatory Ventilators


Bridget A. Moorman, PhD program at College of Health Solutions, Arizona State University

Division: Doctorate

Bridget A. Moorman

PhD program at College of Health Solutions, Arizona State University


Michele Manzoli, CE intern at Yale-New Haven Hospital, MS CE candidate, University of Connecticut

1st Place

Michele Manzoli

CE intern at Yale-New Haven Hospital, MS CE candidate at University of Connecticut

​YNHH Medical Equipment Database: Standardization of nomenclature and risk assessment procedure. This paper discusses the use of a standard nomenclature system for medical equipment class descriptions and codes and develops a proposal for a new risk assessment procedure compliant with the new TJC standards for medical equipment maintenance and inspired by the reading of the most recent relevant literature.

Darcy Del Dotto, CE intern at Lifespan, MS CE candidate, University of Connecticut

2nd Place

Darcy Del Dotto

CE intern at Lifespan, MS CE candidate at University of Connecticut
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