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About ACCE

There was a CE Forum chaired by Yadin David at the AAMI meeting in St. Louis on May 16, 1989 calling for a new professional society dedicated to the interests of clinical engineers, without consensus. However, in the months that followed, "an interesting metamorphosis began to occur" as Yadin began to get calls and letters expressing excitement about this new group. On February 16-17, 1990,   Tom Bauld, Matt Baretich, Yadin David, Gerald Goodman, Tom Judd, Wayne Morse, Frank Painter, Ira Tackel, and Alvin Wald met in Houston and ACCE was formed.  25 years later, we are going strong, with CE leader members from all over the globe!

Historical Dates

First Board of Directors (1990-1991)

President: Yadin David
Secretary: Wayne Morse
Treasurer: Larry Fennigkoh
Membership Chair: Tom Judd
Advocacy Chair: Joe Dyro
Newsletter Editor: Ira Tackel

Related information

The American College of Clinical Engineering is a 501 (c) (6) non-profit organization
2880 Bicentennial Pkwy, Ste 100 #249   Henderson, NV 89044   Phone: (610) 825-6067
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