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ACCE 2023 Professional Achievement in Management/Managerial Excellence Award

​The award is given to an individual for his/her contributions to the CE profession of a managerial nature, such as a paper of significance, solving of a problem or issue for the profession, or the application of new techniques to CE with measurable positive results.

Angela Bennett, CHTM, BS

Angela Bennett, CHTM

​The award recipient this year is Angela Bennett, for her distinguish contribution in putting together CHTM study group and study materials that are being incorporated into AAMI’s CHTM study course.

Angela is now a Sr. Site Manager with TRIMEDX/Clinical Enginerring Director for FMOL Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge. Angela started out in the HTM field as a 68A BMET in the United States Army. Her first civilian HTM job was a BMET 1 for TRIMEDX at Ascension Borgess in Kalamazoo, Mi. Angela served as Client Executive/Hospital CE Director at Sodexo/Charleston Area Medical Center, in Charleston, WV.​ Angela is an active member in AAMI as she holds the chair position in the HTLC under 35 for the last few years. Angela was the founder and former president of the West Michigan Biomed Society. She then joined the ACCE education committee.

Angela has written several articles for HTM magazines, and has been a guest on a few pod casts. She has presented educational webinar for ACCE as well as being a panelist at the ACCE Clinical Engineering Symposium at AAMI eXchange 2022. 

ACCE 2023 Professional Achievement in Technology Award

​The award is given to a single individual for his/her contributions to the CE profession. These contributions must be of a professional or technical nature, such as research or development of a new technique or product, a paper of significance on a technical issue, or "trailblazing" work in a new application of clinical engineering.

Joan Brown EdD, MBA, CCE

Joan Brown EdD, MBA, CCE

​This year’s recipient is Joan Brown EdD, MBA, CCE for her work in advancing the medical community's knowledge in multi-site data collection and health information exchange.

Dr. Brown serves as the Associate Administrator of Care Transformation for the USC Healthcare System and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery at the Keck School of Medicine. Prior to this role, she served as the Chief Data Officer for both the Department of Surgery in the Keck School of Medicine of USC, and the Critical Care Institute at Keck Medical Center. Dr. Brown was also the Administrative Director for Discovery Program for Emergency Preparedness (PREP), which fosters investigator-initiated hypothesis testing and strategic planning at the national level for research public health emergencies.  Her academic focus is on design and implementation of innovative and systematic processes that integrate robust engagement with data analytics, patient care, quality improvement, and research.

Dr. Brown has previously worked as the Director of Telehealth and Program Technology at Orbis International where she formed and led a team to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for technology programs worldwide. She was awarded the 2014 International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) Eye Health Leaders Award for Innovation in Eye Health, commending the important work she brought to a global scale.

In her role within the Discovery Program for Emergency Preparedness (PREP) of the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), Dr. Brown led the team's technical work to explore better ways to collect and share data across the nation. She used her foundational skills as a clinical engineer to work with various stakeholders to understand workflow and design and test technical solutions that would meet the needs of our country during expected (influenza) and unexpected (COVID-19) public health emergencies. The effort helped the medical community to further understand multisite electronic data capture approaches and provided a foundation for continued advancement in the healthcare technology field. The work was an example of how clinical engineering knowledge and principles can be applied to further health information technology. Two manuscripts were published in peer reviewed manuscripts describing the team's effort.

ACCE 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award

​This award is the highest award given by ACCE. It is presented annually to a single individual based on lifelong accomplishments and contributions to the clinical engineering (CE) profession.

Mario Alberto Castañeda Peña, MBA

Mario Alberto Castañeda Peña, MBA

​This year’s Life Time Achievement Award is presented to Mario Alberto Castañeda Peña, MBA (Posthumous Recipient) - a Clinical Engineer, Leader, Humanitarian, Mentor and past ACCE President (2010 – 2012).

Mario served as the National Clinical Technology Executive Director for Kaiser Permanente and as Northern California Biomedical Engineering Manager for Hospital Corporation of America. He was instrumental in developing and advancing Kaiser’s Clinical Technology program. As the national leader for Kaiser Permanente's Clinical Technology, Mario led a highly matrixed organization of over 300 employees and 400,000 medical devices. across 8 regions and Washington, D.C.  Mario ushered in many new technologies, devices and methodologies through difficult times and challenging economic conditions. He helped establish the National Product Council in Kaiser and created different technology committees which fostered partnership and communication between clinicians and engineers. His efforts to lead locally and partner globally helped put both Clinical Technology and Kaiser Permanente on the map.

As a result of his work with Kaiser, he also advanced clinical engineering profession in the country and throughout the world. Throughout his clinical engineering career, which spanned over 50 years, Mario kept contributing to the clinical engineering profession by sharing information, leading by example, and serving with American College of Clinical Engineering and other professional organizations. He dedicated a lot of time to advancing clinical engineering worldwide, and he did this by participating in many Advanced Clinical Engineering Workshops, sharing his knowledge, and helping where and how he could.

He leveraged a lifetime of experience in the health industry in 2010, serving a two-year term as President of The American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE). Mario’s tenure as ACCE President helped entrench a tradition of bringing AAMI and ACCE members together to share education and valuable industry knowledge. In addition, he strengthened the collaboration with national associations, such as HIMSS & AAMI & IHE, AIMBE, as well as internationally with IFMBE, CORAL, and many more.​

2023 Antonio Hernandez International Clinical Engineering Award

​This award is conferred to one CE Professional or a group of CE professionals from a country in which CE is an emerging field in recognition of that person's or group of persons' extraordinary contributions to the advancement of CE in his/her/their own country or, to an individual or a group of professionals from other country/countries for his/her/their extraordinary efforts in supporting this advance.

Dr. Ernesto Antonio Ibarra Ramirez

Dr. Ernesto Antonio Ibarra Ramirez

​The award recipient this year is Dr. Ernesto Antonio Ibarra Ramírez, for his extraordinary leadership in promoting Clinical Engineering in Panamá and the Caribbean Region, and advancing healthcare safety in Latin America Region through his collaboration work.

Dr. Ibarra served as the inaugural President of the IEEE ULATINA Student Branch in 2006, where he spearheaded the coordination of the first national and international academic and professional activities of biomedical engineering in Panama. Since then, his active participation and significant contributions to the fields of academia, research, and professional practice in biomedical engineering have motivated hundreds of individuals and greatly advanced the development of biomedical engineering in Panama and the Latin America Region.

Among his notable achievements, Dr. Ibarra has contributed to the preparation of Resolution No. 788 of the Engineering and Architecture Technical Board, which establishes the functions of the Biomedical Engineer in Panama (2008). In 2009, he founded the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology (EMB) Chapter of Panama and held the position of President for two terms (2009-2010; 2017-2018). Additionally, he formed the Scientific Committee of the IEEE EMB of Panama, which comprises IEEE senior members with a PhD degree. This committee has provided national and international support for the review of scientific articles on biomedical engineering.

Dr. Ibarra has made significant contributions as a project manager in the field of biomedical science and technology in Panama, particularly in the development of telemedicine systems from 2014 to 2022. He has also held various academic positions in the discipline of biomedical engineering, including that of professor, researcher, and academic coordinator, and has been instrumental in the training of professionals in Panama. Furthermore, he has represented the IEEE EMB Chapter in numerous conferences and workshops across several countries, including Panama, Colombia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

Since 2010, Dr. Ibarra has been actively engaged in biomedical engineering research, with a focus on Wireless Body Area Networks, Human Energy Harvesting, and Radiation and Human Health. Notably, in 2020, he played a crucial role in providing protection to healthcare professionals against COVID-19, through the design and construction of acrylic protective barriers, face shields, acrylic boxes for intubation of COVID-19 patients, and contributed to the design and development of biomedical equipment. These contributions were particularly vital in the early stages of the pandemic.

In 2020, Dr. Ibarra was elected as President of the Panamanian Association of Biomedical Engineering (APIB), where he has achieved several significant milestones during his tenure. Notably, he coordinated the vaccination of over 100 biomedical engineers from the private sector who were working in high-risk areas for COVID-19 contagion, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Panama in 2021. As President of the APIB, he has also emphasized the crucial role played by biomedical engineers in the health sector both nationally and internationally.

Under his leadership, Panama has established important relationships with esteemed organizations such as the Regional Council of Biomedical Engineering for Latin America (CORAL), the IEEE EMB R9, ACCE, and the International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE). These collaborations have strengthened the position of Panama in the global biomedical engineering community and have contributed to the growth and development of the discipline.​

2023 ACCE/HTF International Organization Award

​This Award is conferred to a professional organization outside of the United States and Canada that has enabled significant improvements in clinical engineering/health technology management (CE/HTM) in its respective country after starting to collaborate with ACCE with the support from WHO, IFMBE, PAHO, and others. This award is sponsored by the Healthcare Technology Foundation.

Associacao Brasileira de Engenharia Clinica

Associação Brasileira de Engenharia Clinica - ABEClin

​The award recipient this year is the Brazilian Association of Clinical Engineering (ABEClin)

Founded in 2003, ABEClin was established with the objectives of promoting clinical engineering, integrating and qualifying CE professionals, and providing input to the development of code of ethics, and development and improvement of medical device used in Brazil. Currently, ABEClin has 800 active members. In addition to having a national board of directors, ABEClin has already established 10 regional boards and a few others in formation, to cover the vast territory of Brazil. Each one of the regional boards has its own Technical Committees and promote their regional activities for all members at that region.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and thereafter, ABEClin contributed actively to manage the impact of COVID-19 pandemic including interactions with foreign organizations like ACCE, IFMBE, PAHO, AIIC. Leading the use of anesthesia equipment as ventilators and splitting ventilators for multiple patients. ABEClin also helped the Ministries of Health and Education in the project +Ventilators that recovered more than 2,400 inoperative ventilators in public hospitals. In addition, ABEClin contributed to develop and organize numerous webinars, monthly live charts and a few in-person workshops.

Finally, ABEClin has also contributed to the creation of the certification program for CE outsourcing companies from the National Accreditation Organization of Brazil (ONA) and is actively working with the Brazilian Federal Council of Engineering and Agriculture (CONFEA) to register clinical engineers as professional engineers in Brazil.

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