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2021 Challenge Award

This award honors individuals who are not presently an ACCE member, but are eligible for membership, for their achievements within the field of clinical engineering (CE) / health technology management (HTM).

Richard Tidman, CBET(C), MBA Health Care Administration

Richard Tidman, CBET(C), MBA Health Care Administration

​The ACCE 2021 Challenge Award winner is Professor Richard Tidman. Professor Tidman is being recognized for his leadership in the development of the first ever Bachelors of Health Care Technology Management (HCTM) degree in North America in 2018, offered by Durham College in Ontario, Canada. 

Tidman, who has worked in the field for 35 years, says the program was conceived out of a need to “manage the incredible changes happening as health care technology becomes more sophisticated, capable and tied to care delivery and outcomes. There is growing demand for people with a hybrid skill set that includes medical technology, life sciences, and business acumen.” Using his extensive experience in supporting and managing instrumentation for science and medicine, Rick took upon himself the challenge of creating this new four-year undergraduate program with assistance and support from external advisors and academic professionals. Students can put theory into practice over the course of their studies, while participating in work integrated learning and hands-on training in advance of graduating.

The first class of graduates will be available for hire in 2022. There are already early indications of the success of this program. Jessica Metcalfe (Class of 2023), won an award for her 2019 presentation at the Third International Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Management Congress, organized by the International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering in Rome, Italy. More recently, placement opportunities for the 2022 graduation class outnumbered students, further demonstrating demand for this unique skillset.

Rick is passionate about HCTM and welcomes the opportunity to discuss this emerging field with other professionals.

ACCE 2021 Professional Achievement in Management/Managerial Excellence Award

The award is given to an individual for his/her contributions to the CE profession of a managerial nature, such as a paper of significance, solving of a problem or issue for the profession, or the application of new techniques to CE with measurable positive results.

Dr. Jitendar Sharma

Dr. Jitendar Sharma

​The award winner is Dr. Jitendar Sharma, for his distinguished managerial work  in medical technology sector at AMTZ.

Dr. Sharma is the Managing Director & Founder CEO of Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (AMTZ) which is Asia's first medical devices manufacturing park. He is Founder Executive Director of Kalam Institute of Health Technology (KIHT) - that serves as medical technology policy institute to various departments & ministries of Govt. of India. He is Member Secretary of National Medical Devices Promotion Council, and founder Chairman of two med-tech incubators - Medi-Valley, and Bio-Valley. He is adjunct lecturer at University of Adelaide, Australia; Chairman of Indian Biomedical Skill Council and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Niti Aayog, the highest policy making institution of Govt. of India. 

Dr. Sharma and his team at AMTZ has been at the forefront of Covid response. In a short span of time, he and his team has delivered a nationally recognized large-scale manufacturing of RTPCR kits, Ventilators, mobile laboratories, Viral transport media, PPEs & masks besides other health technology products. Dr Sharma is the chairperson of several health technology schemes and med tech programs of India and he is a key resource for medical devices sectoral progress roadmap in India and several other institutions globally. 

Dr. Sharma has been Awarded the European Union - India Young Leaders Award at EU Parliament, Brussels. 

ACCE 2021 Professional Achievement in Technology Award

The award is given to a single individual for his/her contributions to the CE profession. These contributions must be of a professional or technical nature, such as research or development of a new technique or product, a paper of significance on a technical issue, or "trailblazing" work in a new application of clinical engineering.

Paul Schluter, PhD

Paul Schluter, PhD

​The winner is Paul Schluter, PhD, for being instrumental for over 40 years in pushing the bar higher in human physiological monitoring technology and the seamless exchange of health care information. 

Dr. Schluter began his work in this area as a graduate student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and then throughout his career at Marquette Electronics and later at GE Healthcare.

With 7 patents to his name and 13 publications in peer reviewed journals as either primary or contributing author, Dr. Schluter has had a successful career engineering new and improved technology in the medical instrumentation and medical informatics fields.

Paul has also been involved in creating five ISO/IEEE 11073 standards, as well as serving as a key contributor and charter member of the IHE Patient Care Devices (PCD) domain, a collaboration of healthcare professionals dedicated to Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise.

Though semi-retired, Paul continues to follow his lifelong passion to improve healthcare by expanding the IEEE 11073 Nomenclature and contributing to both IEEE 11073 and IHE DEV PCD efforts.  He has volunteered countless hours improving the functionality and adoption of technology standards as part of technical standards committees.   

Those who have worked with Paul know that he leads with a sure but fair hand, is adept at building consensus among multiple vendors and is committed to developing standards that are scientifically rigorous as well as practical and accessible to vendors and healthcare professionals. 

Dr. Schluter has been recognized by both IEEE-SA, (presented with their Standards Medallion Award in 2015) and ACCE/HIMSS (Excellence in Clinical Engineering Award and IT Synergies Award in 2012).

ACCE 2021 Lifetime Achievement Awards

​This award is the highest award given by ACCE. It is presented annually to a single individual based on lifelong accomplishments and contributions to the clinical engineering (CE) profession.

Henry (Hank) Stankiewicz, Jr., MS, BME

Henry (Hank) Stankiewicz, Jr., MS, BME

​The 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award winner is Henry Stankiewicz, a visionary leader with strong convictions about improving healthcare through the technology we use to diagnose, treat, and manage the care of patients. The tools and management models he created in his career continue to be adopted within and outside of VA HTM programs to strengthen the HTM community.

Henry (Hank) Stankiewicz is currently working part time with Sigma Healthcare Consulting in contract support to the Veterans Affairs Healthcare Technology (HTM) Program Office in Washington DC. He is working in the areas of patient safety, organizational issues, and Covid-19 response. He recently reviewed SPS infrastructure and operations for the VA National Sterile Processing and Supplies (SPS) Office. He previously worked with Booze Allen Hamilton on the Maximo CMMS Project, SPS New York ISO certification, and the New York region Biomedical Engineering Programs' capabilities analysis.

Hank is a former VA BME who worked in the VA for 34+ years. He started as a BME TCF Intern in NY and worked primarily in VA New England (VISN 1). As VISN 1 Chief BME he created a VISN-wide consolidated Biomed Program for all the New England VA Hospitals. He has served as Acting Chief Facilities Engineer, Acting Associate Director, Acting Chief Logistics Officer, and the HTM Chief BME in Washington DC. He completed his VA career in 2012 as the Acting Deputy Director in VISN 1. 

Hank has twice received the VA Chief BME of the year awards. He also has received the 2011 ACCE Professional Achievement in Management Award. He was a member of the ACCE HTCC Certification Commission and the ACCE Advocacy Committee. He was the Vice President and Board member of the Healthcare Technology Foundation (HTF). He is a member of ACCE, IEEE, Etta Kappa Nu, and NESCE. 

The part time work enables Hank to continue his support of veterans' healthcare and have time with his wife and children, nephews, nieces, and grandchildren.

ACCE 2021 Antonio Hernandez International Clinical Engineering Award

This award will be presented to one CE Professional or a group of CE professionals from a country in which CE is an emerging field in recognition of that person's or group of persons' extraordinary contributions to the advancement of CE in his/her/their own country or, to an individual or a group of professionals from other country/countries for his/her/their efforts in supporting this advance.​

Mery Vidal Vidal, EE, CCE

Mery Vidal Vidal, EE, CCE

​The Award winner this year is Mery Vidal Vidal, for her leadership at the Peruvian Association of Clinical Engineers (ASPIC) and region.

Mery Vidal is the founding and current president of the Peruvian Association of Clinical Engineers (Asociación Peruana de Ingenieros Clinicos – ASPIC). Together with four other colleagues, Mery founded ASPIC in 2017 and grew it to 76 members in 2020. Despite its small number of members, ASPIC has been very active not only in Peru but also in the neighboring countries through webinars, meetings, collaboration and mutual assistance agreement with ACCE on 2019 and jointly promoted a webinar in May 2020. In addition, it has interacted with CE professionals and organizations of other countries at events such as the 2019 AAMI Exchange in Cleveland, the 2019 III ICEHTMC in Rome, and 2020 Global CE Day.

In addition to her invaluable contribution to the advancement of the CE profession in Peru and other South American countries, Mery has earned several awards for her leadership role as a CE professional in her 14-year career, the last 10 of which at the AUNA (a group of private hospitals and clinics), where she created the CE Department from scratch and since then has become a “strategic support” department that participates in decision-making within AUNA. This department has also become a local referent in Peru. At AUNA, Mery was promoted from a clinical engineer to Regional Manager of Clinical Engineering and Medical Devices of Peru and Colombia.  Mery is also actively promoting the access of females to the CE field and healthcare system through several talks presented at conferences (4 in 2020 alone). After earning her electronics engineering degree from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), she became certified as CCE in the US by HTCC and now is about to complete her Executive Global MBA at Tulane University/PUCP.

2021 ACCE/HTF International Organization Award

This Award is conferred to a professional organization outside of the United States and Canada that has enabled significant improvements in clinical engineering/healthcare technology management (CE/HTM) in its respective country after starting to collaborate with ACCE with the support from WHO, IFMBE, PAHO, and others. This award is sponsored by the Healthcare Technology Foundation.​

Associazione Italiana Ingegneri Clinici (AIIC)

Associazione Italiana Ingegneri Clinici (AIIC)

The award winner this year is the Italian Association of Clinical Engineers (Associazione Italiana Ingegneri Clinici - AIIC

AIIC was founded in 1993 with the purpose of advancing the clinical engineering (CE) profession and helping to spread Clinical Engineering Services as the main function involved in the governance of biomedical technologies within healthcare institutions. Currently, AIIC has about 2000 members, the majority of which are practicing CE professionals divided into two categories: one collecting members who are are employed by healthcare organizations, and the other collecting members employed by independent service organizations.

One of the key AIIC activities is professional training. AIIC has collaborated with the main universities in Italy to provide post-graduate training courses and grants for its members to attend those courses. Since 2015, 66 training courses, 5 seminars and 13 accredited workshops have been offered, and a total of 40 scholarships have been granted to members since 2014. Another key AIIC activity is the advocacy of the profession with the government and private institutions, as well as educating the general public. In addition to hundreds of professional articles presented in conferences, AIIC published dozens of articles in newspapers and delivered over a dozen interviews on radio and TV in the last 3 years. As a result of this endorsement, in 2018 a specific law established the Certified National List of Biomedical and Clinical Engineers, which is intended to list all CEs in Italy who can assess their competences and body of knowledge in the profession.

AIIC is a member of IFMBE and is particularly active within its Clinical Engineering Division. AIIC also has promoted the creation of a network of European CE associations and has actively exchanged information with those entities, as well as with ACCE, during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2019, AIIC organized the Third International Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Management Congress (ICEHTMC) which was enthusiastically attended by hundreds of CE professionals from dozens of countries. At that occasion, AIIC signed a collaboration and mutual assistance agreement with ACCE.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, AIIC was featured in over 120 articles in nationwide newspapers and many activities were started both to enhance the general knowledge about our profession and to help and connect colleagues in COVID related matters.

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