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About ACCE

ACCE 2016 Challenge Award

​This award honors individuals who are not presently an ACCE member, but are eligible for membership, for their achievements within the field of clinical engineering (CE) / health technology management (HTM)


David Barash, MD

​The Award winner is David Barash, MD, for his leadership at General Electric Foundation's (GEF) global health philanthropic initiatives, extending to over 100 facilities in the U.S. and to 13 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America.  These efforts impact thousands of people who struggle in extreme poverty every day; for example, GEF's funding of Engineering World Health BMET training programs in several Latin American, African and Asian countries, is a critical step toward establishing sustainable HTM programs at the Ministries of Health in these countries.

David M. Barash, M.D. is the Executive Director of the Global Health Portfolio and Chief Medical Officer for the GE Foundation.  The Foundation's Developing Health initiatives are approached with the belief that simple interventions, along with strong partnerships and leaders, are often the answer to some of healthcare's most complex problems. 

Dr. Barash is a practicing emergency medicine physician with more than 30 years' experience.  He has focused a great deal on understanding how new technologies can be commercialized and delivered to effectively close the gap between brainstorm and bedside.
Prior to joining the GE Foundation, Dr. Barash was Chief Medical Officer of Life Care Solutions and Executive Medical Director of Health Care Services for GE Healthcare.  He was also Founder and President of Concord Healthcare Strategies, where he provided strategic and operational expertise to medical technology investors and development stage medical technology companies.
David is a graduate of Cornell University and author of several clinical publications.

ACCE 2016 Tom O'Dea Advocacy Award

​The award will be given to an individual who has written articles, given presentations, or led efforts that have advanced the field of CE – particularly in promoting the profession to people in other related fields


Tom Judd, MS, FACCE, CCE

The winner is Tom Judd, MS, FACCE, CCE, for his efforts to promote the CE role in the US and around the World. Tom has joyfully served in various ACCE roles since its founding, most recently as Advocacy Chair from 2010-2015, as well as remaining immersed in international outreach.
He has been excited to see ACCE membership – both individual and institutional - continue to increase in the US and globally, to see ACCE honor those who have come before, and to see our growing relevance to younger CEs. He has encouraged this through championing our education, publications, peer relationships, and the communication tools and videos that we offer. Locally, he teamed with colleagues to author the 2014 ACCE White Paper on New Opportunities for CE-IT Education. Globally, he continues to lead developing country CE/HTM seminars, most recently the 2015 ACEW in Denver and Toronto. And has a new platform after being elected to the IFMBE CE Division (CED) board secretary role last year, helping to facilitate and promote worldwide CE activities.

Tom has been National Project Director, for Kaiser Permanente (KP) Clinical Technology, since 2006. Before, he was KP Georgia’s Quality & Safety Director for 12 years, preceded by 15 years of various CE roles, beginning in 1979 at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Besides his CCE (1982), he is certified in Quality (1999), and Health Information (2010). He became a HIMSS Fellow in 2015 – serving on the Davies EHR Award Committee since 2010, after attaining FACCE in 2001. Tom graduated from the US Naval Academy (USNA) with BSAE 1972, and Naval Postgraduate School with MSAE 1973. After jet pilot duty, he was on the USNA EE/SE faculty from 1975-1979 while doing MS BME level studies at Johns Hopkins.
Tom is very thankful for the many opportunities he has had to be a part our emerging field and to help influence the rising generation of great young CEs.

ACCE/HTF 2016 Marv Shepherd Patient Safety Award

​The award will be given to an individual who has excelled in the "safety" area related to the CE field. This is a joint Award between ACCE and the Healthcare Technology Foundation


Nathaniel M. Sims, MD

​The Award winner is Nathaniel M. Sims, MD, for his work to improve patient safety in the US and around the world. Dr. Sims is a strategic and hands-on innovator who has developed numerous technologies that make patient care safer and more efficient. Working with interdisciplinary teams involving biomedical engineering, nursing and various hospital departments, Dr. Sims and colleagues have pioneered improvements in patient monitoring, patient transport and error-free intravenous drug delivery systems.

Dr. Sims is a clinician, teacher, cardiac anesthesiologist and physician advisor to Biomedical Engineering at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGM). He is also an Assistant Professor of Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School.
Dr. Sims is the 2006 winner of the AAMI Foundation Laufman/Greatbatch Prize for his significant contributions to the advancement of medical instrumentation through development of "smart drug infusion pump" technology and "flexible monitoring" systems. He is a 2011 recipient of the AAMI Standards Developer Award and is also Vice-Chair for Research and a Board Member of AAMI.

ACCE 2016 Lifetime Achievement Awards

​This award is the highest award given by ACCE. It will be given to an individual based on life-long accomplishments and contributions to the clinical engineering (CE) profession


Frank Painter, MS, CCE, FACCE

​The 2016 Lifetime Award winner is Frank Painter, MS, CCE, FACCE, for his extraordinary body of work over 40 years. Frank was among the first group of engineers in hospitals called clinical engineers. He started his career in 1974 when he began working with medical equipment in a hospital system in Buffalo. He spent many years serving the profession as a member of the clinical engineering board of examiners and eventually as the chair of the Board of examiners. When AAMI suspended CE certification, Painter took the lead in restarting the clinical engineering certification process under ACCE and the HTF. Painter has been a member of ACCE since its inception, holding many offices and positions in it over the years.
Painter has managed clinical engineering shared services programs nearly all his career; in 1975 at Millard Fillmore Hospital, in 1980 with ECRI in Western Pennsylvania and in 1983 for Bridgeport Hospital and NovaMed in the northeast. In 1999 Painter was hired by the University of Connecticut to assume responsibility for the clinical engineering internship and educational program started by Joseph Bronzino at the Hartford Graduate Center in 1975. Painter has since grown the UCONN program so that it has now produced more practicing clinical engineers in the US than any other educational program in the world.

Painter is internationally recognized in the field of clinical engineering. He has published and presented on risk management, quality improvement, human factors engineering, technology assessment, technology management and clinical engineering education both nationally and internationally. He is actively involved in the profession. He has been President of the American College of Clinical Engineering, Chairman of the US Board of Examiners for Clinical Engineering Certification and Chairman of the Healthcare Technology Certification Commission.

ACCE 2016 Professional Achievement in Technology Award/Professional Development Award

​The award will be given to an individual for his/her contributions to the CE profession of a professional or technical nature, such as research or development of a new technique or product, a paper of significance on a technical issue, or "trailblazing" work in a new application of CE


Rebecca Gandillon, MS

​The winner is Rebecca Gandillon, MS, for her informatics skills to trailblaze and allows VA to utilize the Big Data to make evidence based decisions for Healthcare Technology Management nationally across over 150 medical centers.

Rebecca (Becky) is a Biomedical Engineer at the John Cochran Veterans Affairs Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri.   Ms. Gandillon has worked with the VA for five years in multiple capacities.
Becky serves as the Chair of the national Healthcare Technology Management Analytics work group which is responsible for all analytics-based data calls related to HTM across the VA which spans more than 150 medical centers.  This group actively supports many national HTM workgroups including VAMDNS (standardized nomenclature), Documentation of Services, Biomedical Engineering Resource Survey (eBERS) and Maximo, for analytics needs including the tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) that are reported to national and regional executive leaders on a quarterly basis. 
Becky holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering, both from Washington University in St. Louis.  Ms. Gandillon also holds a certificate in database technology from the University of Missouri- Saint Louis, completed the Analytics Certificate Program at Nebraska Methodist College and holds an AMIA 10x10 certification in health informatics.

ACCE 2016 Professional Achievement in Management Award/Managerial Excellence Award

​The award will be given to an individual for his/her contributions to the CE profession of a managerial nature, such as a paper of significance, solving of a problem or issue for the profession, or the application of new techniques to CE with measurable positive results


Izabella Gieras, MS, MBA, CCE, FACCE

​The award winner is Izabella Gieras, MS, MBA, CCE, FACCE, Director of Clinical Technology at Huntington Memorial Hospital, for providing clinical engineering leadership and for sharing her experiences regularly on the national stage.

She leads a team of clinical engineering technicians and administrative staff. The department supports equipment maintenance, technology management, risk assessment, safety and new equipment acquisitions for approximately $160 million in medical devices and equipment owned by Huntington Memorial Hospital.
Most recently she worked as the ARAMARK Healthcare director of the clinical engineering department at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. Prior to that, she was with William Beaumont Hospital as the Director of Technology Management.
As the past president of ACCE (American College of Clinical Engineering) and her involvement in healthcare technology management, Izabella has been invited to present on medical technology and healthcare safety at conferences worldwide, including HTAi (Healthcare Technology Assessment International), HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) and AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation).
Izabella holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cape Town in South Africa, a M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Connecticut and an MBA from Walsh College in MI. Izabella has also received a CSSBB (Certified Six Sigma Black Belt) from the Certification Board of the American Society of Quality, and has a CCE (Clinical Engineering Certification) from the U.S. Board of Examiners and Healthcare Technology Certification Commission. Additionally, Izabella received the Healthcare Technology Management Leadership award in 2015 from AAMI.

ACCE 2016 Antonio Hernandez International Clinical Engineering Award

​The award recognizes a CE professional from a country where CE is emerging who has made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of CE in his/her own country or, a professional from another country for his/her similar efforts in supporting this advance


Ledina Picari, MS

​The winner is Ledina Picari, MS, for her leadership in Ministry of Health (MoH) Albania in introducing and expanding the role of clinical engineering in her country and the Balkans region. Among her accomplishments include being an innovative leader in developing MoH CE and CE-IT structure, CE training, Health Technology (HT) maintenance strategies, and HT legislation.

Ledina has been working for Ministry of Health since 2004. She got her Bachelor Degree in Electronics, Polytechnic University of Tirana and her Master of Science Degree in Biomedical Engineering, University of Surrey, UK. She is the head of the Medical Devices and Systems Unit at Ministry of Health of Albania responsible for the overall su¬pervision and monitoring of medical devices in the health care sector aiming to increase patient and user safety through design of laws, sub laws, policies, recommendations and guidelines for the use, management and maintenance of medical devices, etc.
She is a Supporter of clinical engineering at Polytechnic University of Tirana lecturing "Risk Management in hospital environment" at Clinical Engineering Master Program. Her teaching responsibilities include health care safety, EU directives and Albanian legislation on medical devices, the radiation protection in hospitals etc. Head of the Technical Committee (TK 140) of the In vitro medical devices, General Directorate of the Standardization, a technical body responsible for the preparation and approval of the national standards of the in vitro medical devices. Ledina is responsible for the legislation approximation with European legislation for medical devices since Albania is in the process of integration in the European Community. She has a long collaboration with WHO for medical devices participating in the First Global Forum on medical devices and other important events.

ACCE / HTF 2016 International ACEW Award

​An Award given to the organization that demonstrated significant improvements in national HTM structure and outcomes since ACCE and its partners conducted Advanced Clinical Engineering Workshops (ACEWs) in its country.


Instituto de Engenharia Biomedica, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (IEB-UFSC)

​The winner is Instituto de Engenharia Biomedica, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (IEB-UFSC). The award is given in recognition of IEB-UFSC's leadership and impacts in Brazil and other Latin American countries, after two ACEWs, in 2006 and 2013. 

IEB-UFSC was founded in 1974 and has a long tradition in Latin America not only in the Biomedical Engineering field but also in Clinical Engineering (CE). In cooperation with the Department of Electrical Engineering, IEB-UFSC has educated professionals in those fields and became a CE reference point in Latin America. IEB-UFSC has provided CEs and BMETs to Santa Catarina state hospitals and Florianopolis Municipal Primary Health System, as well as conducted teaching and research activities.

In 2006, in partnership with the Brazilian Ministry of Health and the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), IEB-UFSC organized an ACEW with 134 participants from various parts of Brazil, 44 attending remotely via Internet, and also delegates from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, and Peru. In 2013, a second ACEW was organized with the participation of representatives from the Latin American Regional Council on Biomedical Engineering (CORAL), with the purpose of promoting CE to the leaders of biomedical engineering programs located in academia.

Currently IEB-UFSC is developing a new model of Ubiquitous HTM, with pervasive, interoperability, human factor engineering and HTA techniques. In 2010 the World Health Organization (WHO) designated it a WHO Collaborating Center in Health Technology Management, thus recognizing IEB-UFSC as a global resource in the HTM field.   In 2015, members of IEB-UFSC received the IFMBE-CED Clinical Engineering Manuscript Award.  Since 2010, IEB-UFSC has been led by Professor Renato Garcia, who was the recipient of the 2013 ACCE Antonio Hernandez International Clinical Engineering Award.​

ACCE 2016 HTM Champion Award

​This Award is given to a health delivery system leader - typically a physician - who has championed CE and Health Technology Management-HTM in a manner that has significantly enhanced the status of the profession either in the U.S. and/or around the world


Mary Logan, JD, CAE

​The HTM Champion Award winner is Mary Logan, JD, CAE, for her advocacy for the field Healthcare Technology Management in venues beyond the HTM and CE field itself. Mary has greatly expanded the respect that both HTM and CE receive in the greater healthcare field, in government circles, and in the eyes of general public.

Mary Logan, JD, CAE, is President and CEO of AAMI, a nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to support the health care community in the development, management and use of safe and effective healthcare technology. AAMI works to advance and promote the improvement of patient safety through healthcare technology. AAMI's mission makes it a trusted partner of industry, healthcare institutions, subject experts, and government agencies. An American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited Standards Developing Organization (SDO), AAMI also provides international leadership by administering the secretariats of a number of ISO and IEC committees that develop standards globally.
A cum laude graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School, Ms. Logan is a Certified Association Executive and has over 20 years of senior management and board experience. Prior to taking the reins as President of AAMI in 2009, Ms. Logan served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the American Dental Association in Chicago, where in earlier years she served as its general counsel. During her tenure, the ADA was named one of the most remarkable associations in the United States in Seven Measures of Success, a report issued by the American Society of Association Executives. Ms. Logan also serves on the board of directors of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and is a member of its executive committee and chair of its Organizational Management Forum (OMF).
Under Ms. Logan's leadership, AAMI has grown considerably in its stature, reputation, and visibility in the healthcare community. She has brought a new vitality to AAMI, where she and her staff have launched many new programs to serve its stakeholders. In 2013, AAMI was awarded the distinguished national GE-Pioneering Spirit Award from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses for the work of the AAMI Foundation on infusion and alarm safety.
Ms. Logan lives and works in Arlington, Virginia. Her hobbies are music, walking, reading, and travel anywhere with her husband, John Stellberg. Their daughter, Sarah, is a third year law student at the University of Michigan.
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