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About ACCE

ACCE 2013 Challenge Award

​This award honors individuals who are not presently ACCE members, but eligible for membership, for their achievements within the field of clinical engineering (CE) / health technology management (HTM)


Nico Arcino/Shawn Jackman

​Award winners are Nico Arcino, Director, Digital Health Strategy, and Shawn Jackman, Director, Wireless Product Management and Engineering, both of Kaiser Permanente (KP) in Walnut Creek, California. They are recognized for their contributions to the field of clinical engineering via national presentations regarding wireless aspects of medical devices and emerging mobile medical device initiatives.

They co-presented on Wireless in Healthcare at the ACCE teleconference in 2011, Shawn contributed Smart Phones and Other Mobile Devices in Healthcare Settings at the 2012 Wireless Medical Device Summit, and they also shared on these topics at HIMSS 2013, in a session called Technology & Trajectory of Mobility in a New Healthcare Model.
Nico is responsible for developing KP's digital health strategy and initiatives, with an emphasis on mobile, social, web and cloud. He has over 20 years of healthcare and health IT experience. His focus is on how digital technology can impact and transform healthcare. He is passionate and dedicated to improving access and quality of care through the use of technology.
Shawn is responsible for wireless design standards and establishes new product offerings at KP. He is co-author of the CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional Official Study Guide, is lead author for the CWDP Certified Wireless Design Professional Official Study Guide, is a Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE), and a member of the CWNE Roundtable.

ACCE 2013 Tom O'Dea Advocacy

Paul Sherman, CCE

Paul Sherman, CCE

The winner is Paul Sherman, CCE, for his many years of advocacy efforts, both internally in the Veterans Administration (VA) and nationally in the wider CE field.

Paul has been one of the strongest proponents for CE professionalism and certification. His advocacy efforts are wide-ranging, with a focus on many significant topics; with examples as broad as patient safety, wireless HTM, global HTM, and as specific as appropriate PM testing, Y2K testing, and mentoring of younger CEs. Paul has previously served on many standards committees, was Chair of the HTCC (Healthcare Technology Certification Commission), a HTF (Healthcare Technology Foundation) board member, past president of Gateway Biomedical Society, and is currently ACCE's President Elect.

Paul's education and career path have not been traditional. He started as an electronics technician in the Coast Guard, working on wireless systems and in the private sector on computers. Several years later he went back to school at Portland State University, achieving his BSEE in 1990 at the age of 33. Having stumbled into CE at the Portland, Oregon VA hospital, Paul found his calling. While having little formal HTM education, Paul continues to learn, eventually earning his CCE and recently his amateur radio license.

Paul has been an inspiration for many current CE professionals through his work, his publications, commitment to many professional societies, his positive attitude, and focus on the patient. Paul recently retired as Senior CE with the VA's Center for Engineering and Occupational Health, where he served as the senior in-house medical technology consultant. Paul is currently President of Sherman Engineering LLC, expanding his help to others.

ACCE/HTF 2013 Marv Shepherd Patient Safety Award

Barbara Majchrowski, MHSc, PEng

Barbara Majchrowski, MHSc, PEng

The Award winner is Barbara Majchrowski, MHSc, PEng for her dedication to the role patient safety plays in effective healthcare. This has led her to contribute to numerous patient safety endeavors such as research, consulting projects, accident investigations, technology planning, risk management, articles, and presentations.

Barb's career has always had a focus on safety, from the early years performing surveys of nuclear power generating stations, to a CE with patient safety duties at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and since 2006, working with ECRI Institute evaluating medical technology for safety and efficacy. Her evaluation findings have been published extensively in ECRI's Health Devices.

Barb has a Masters of Health Science in CE from the University of Toronto, a Bachelors of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and she has been a professional engineer since 2000. She received AAMI's BI&T Outstanding Paper Award in 2010 for her article "Medical Software's Increasing Impact on Healthcare and Technology Management".

ACCE 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award



The Lifetime Award winner is Ray Zambuto, CCE, MSB, FASHE, FHIMSS, FACCE, for a long, distinguished, and often ground-breaking CE career.

Ray is a native of Queens, NY, received a BSEE and an MS Bio-Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, where he was a Special Fellow of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). While still in school, Ray worked at St. Vincent's Hospital (NYC) developing their aortic balloon pump.

In 1969, while working at Lockheed Electronics Company under an NIH grant, Ray developed patient data acquisition systems for the Myocardial Infarction Research Unit (MIRU) at MGH. As a Senior CE at MGH from 1970-1973, he developed digital interfaces for MIRU-based cardiac arrhythmia analysis. He was CE lead at MGH for the MEDLAB, a system for digitally recording and reporting patient information. Ray was also responsible for a variety of projects, including studies of thermo-dilution cardiac output and high speed scanning of Holter monitor tapes.

In 1972, Ray joined the Massachusetts Hospital Association as Assistant Director of its CE Shared Service. In 1974, he was granted a U.S. patent for "Refreshed Display with ECG." That same year, with Dr. Saul Aronow, he founded Technology in Medicine, Inc. (TiM), leading and overseeing its growth over three decades to the most respected CE service organization in the Northeast. TiM was acquired by The Linc Group in 2006, with Ray remaining president until his retirement in 2012.

Ray has been active in a number of professional organizations. At ACCE, he held a number of leadership roles, including President from 2002-2004. He served as ACCE's representative to the Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP). At HIMSS, Ray was the founding chair of the CE-IT Convergence Special Interest Group, which evolved into the CE-IT Community, co-sponsored by HIMSS, ACCE, and AAMI. With other colleagues he co-founded the Patient Care Devices domain of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE-PCD), a HIMSS and RSNA initiative in 2005, and served as a member of the IHE International Board until 2011.

A Life Member of ASHE-AHA, Ray served on its Joint Task force for JCAHO PSTM Quality Indicators in 1992. He was a founding board member of the Healthcare Technology Foundation and the Medical Device Society of Boston and has served on the boards of the American Medical Resources Foundation and the Service Industry Association. He was an Affiliate Instructor of BME at Worcester Polytechnic Institute from 1976-1984 and has written or presented over 50 articles or papers on the practice and evolution of CE and its relation to Healthcare IT as well as specific technical issues. He currently sits on the Editorial Advisory Board of 24x7 magazine and does consulting through Clinical Engineering Concepts, LLC.

Ray holds CE certification, and served on the ICC CE Board of Examiners and HTCC. He is a Fellow of ASHE, HIMSS, and ACCE, received ACCE's Tom O'Dea Advocacy Award in 2006, and together with colleague Elliot Sloane was the inaugural winner of the ACCE-HIMSS Excellence in CE-IT Synergies Award in 2007.

ACCE 2013 Professional Achievement in Management Award/Managerial Excellence Award


Arif Subhan, MS, CCE, FACCE/Paul Kelley, CBET

​There are two outstanding winners this year. The first is Arif Subhan, MS, CCE, FACCE, Chief Biomedical Engineer, South Texas VA, for providing leadership in promoting the CE profession and professional development of CEs and BMETs. Arif is a nationally recognized leader for codes, standards, accreditation, quality assurance, CE education and certification. He is a frequent author and speaker at local, national and international venues.

Author/teacher: University of Connecticut CE program; ACCE CCE review course; AAMI BMET review course; international ACEWs; columnist on CCE exam topics and editorial boards of JCE and 24x7; authored 50+ articles; book chapters in Encyclopedia of Medical Devices and Instrumentation and A Practicum for BME and Management Issues.

Leadership: 20+ years CE experience in four university hospitals and a national ISO. While CE Chief at VA Nebraska-Iowa Health, his department was selected as a 24x7 Best Biomedical Department, Class of 2012. Senior Clinical Engineer, Masterplan. Chairman, US Certification Commission; five years on AAMI annual conference committee, two years as Co-Chair. Recipient of the 2012 AAMI CE/BME Achievement Award.
The second is Paul Kelley, CBET, Director of Biomedical Engineering, Washington Hospital Healthcare System (WHHS) in Fremont, California, for ongoing HTM leadership.
Leadership: Earned dual AS degrees Electronics and Biomedical Electronics from Napa Community College. Started the department at WHHS in 1998. Awarded AAMI national BMET of the Year in 2011, CMIA Welch Allyn Professional of the Year Award in 2010, and CMIA Life membership. A local and state-wide CMIA leader. On the AAMI Board of Directors, the AAMI Foundation, and TMC Executive Committee. Advisory roles: AAMI Horizons, AAMI Medical Equipment Standards, TJC Patient Safety, several Biomedical Technology programs, written many articles about HTM, a had numerous presentations at conferences and society meetings. Member ACCE, CSHE, and Practice GreenHealth.
Perspective: Paul feels that the HTM community has given him such a great career that he is always trying to give back. He loves learning new things, feels that he needs to keep abreast of where technology and healthcare are heading, so he can help transfer that understanding to the field. Part of his philosophy is to honor the great mentors he has had in the past, and to try to pass that forward to the next generation.

ACCE 2013 Student Paper Competition

Avinash Konkani, Oakland University (OU), Rochester, Michigan

Avinash Konkani, Oakland University (OU), Rochester, Michigan

Winner: Avinash Konkani, Oakland University (OU), Rochester, Michigan

Reducing Hospital Noise: A Review of Medical Device Alarm Management, BIT 2012

ACCE 2013 Student Paper Competition (Runner-up)

Mariana Hu, University of Connecticut (UConn)

Mariana Hu, University of Connecticut (UConn)

ACCE 2013 Antonio Hernandez International Clinical Engineering Award

​The award is presented to one deserving international engineer who has advanced health technology management in their country to improve quality, service, and affordability. The individual would typically be recognized by their country's health leaders or global organizations through leadership roles in their country's national and or activities in the region

Renato García Ojeda

Renato García Ojeda

Renato García Ojeda, Doctor in Biomedical Engineering (BME) of Brazil is recognized as the outstanding international CE this year. Professor Garcia pioneered CE activities at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina in 1987. In 2005, he established the Center for HTM and Development (Centro de Gestão e Desenvolvimento de Tecnologia Médico-Hospitalar - CEGED-TMH) within the newly created Institute of BME (IEB-UFSC), of which he is one of the founding members and its current Director.

The Center has provided CEs and BMETs to ten hospitals and clinics owned and operated by the Health Secretariat of the Santa Catarina state, as well as conducting teaching and research activities. His team has 4 BME professors, 14 CEs, 7 engineers, and 16 BMETs. See the CEGED-TMH website:

Professor Garcia organized an ACCE Advanced Clinical Engineering Workshop in 2006, with financial support from the Brazilian government agencies and PAHO. There were a total of 134 participants from various regions of Brazil, 44 attending via Internet, and also delegates from Chile, Colombia, and Cuba, invited by PAHO.

Professor Garcia has helped other Brazilian CEs through presentations as well as high-level meetings with government officials. He has 60+ international presentations, as well as seven published papers in international journals. Also, he has mentored several other CE groups in South America, particularly the Centro Technológico Hospitalário (CTH) at the University of Valparaíso, Chile.

Professor Garcia, a native of Chile, was elected president of CORAL for 2011-2013, the Latin American Regional Council on BME, an umbrella organization of all BME societies in Latin America. In recognition of numerous contributions made by CEGED-TMH, IEB-UFSB was named a World Health Organization Collaborating Center for HTM in 2010.

ACCE/HTF 2013 International ACEW Award

​An Award given to the organization demonstrating significant improvements in national HTM structure and outcomes since ACCE and its partners conducted Advanced Clinical Engineering Workshops (ACEWs) in their countries

CES University (CES) and Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia (EIA) Biomedical Engineering Partnership program in Medellín, Colombia, led by Engineer Tatiana Molina Velasquez (CES) and Jesús María Soto Castaño, M.D. (EIA)

​The winner is jointly the CES University (CES) and Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia (EIA) Biomedical Engineering Partnership program in Medellín, Colombia, led by Engineer Tatiana Molina Velasquez (CES) and Jesús María Soto Castaño, M.D. (EIA).

Two ACEWs have been held in Colombia, in 2005 and 2007. The 2007 ACEW in Medellín was attended by many students of the joint CES/EIA BME program. Since that time, CES has been a collaborator with University of Vermont (UVT) in the development of on-line medical equipment training courses. Over 600 students have taken Spanish version on-line CE courses offered by CES, including CEs in Colombia, Costa Rica and Ecuador among others. Many CES/EIA students have completed CE internships at UVT and UConn, and are now employed by companies like Medtronic, Fenwal, Siemens, and in top hospitals in Colombia and the U.S.
CES/EIA and ACCE, in coordination with the Colombian Hospital Association (CHA) and PAHO, developed the 8th Congress of CHA in Bogota in 2008. The event was attended by 2000+ health leaders as well as representatives from Latin American Hospital Associations. The President of Colombia Dr. Alvaro Uribe was keynote speaker for the closing ceremony.
CES/EIA, ACCE and PAHO developed a national Health Technology Symposium in Medellin in 2007 just prior to that year's ACEW. These events have had a strong impact in the development of HTM, medical device national regulatory, and HTA programs in Colombia. These contributions for national HT development led to CES being named as a World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Health Technology in 2009.

ACCE HTM Champion 2013 Award

​This new Award is given to a health delivery system leader - typically a physician - who has championed clinical engineering (CE) and Health Technology Management (HTM) in a manner that has significantly enhanced the status of the CE/HTM profession either in the U.S. and/or around the world

Douglas Grey, M.D.

Douglas Grey, M.D.

The inaugural HTM Champion Award winner is Douglas Grey, M.D. who retired from Kaiser Permanente (KP) in November 2012.

Dr. Grey has fostered the highest development of CE capability and CE-IT collaboration within KP nationally, as well as furthering HTM globally. Through his roles as Chair of the KP enterprise-wide Biomedical Device Integration Council since 2009, overseeing CE-IT/EHR device integration, and Vice Chair of the KP National Product Council since 1996, that drove CE lifecycle management, Doug has consistently pushed and enabled KP CE to deliver all the promise that our ACCE definition embodies.

He has also worked with CE/HTM issues in developing countries, notably partnering with ACCE and WHO in East Africa in 2009.

Doug went to Stanford, graduated from U.C. Irvine Medical School, and later joined KP San Francisco in 1984 where he served for almost two decades as Vascular and Thoracic Surgeon, Chief of Surgery, and Assistant Physician-in-Chief.

Dr. Grey also collaborated with CE as he developed KP's innovative surgical supply formulary that combines evidence-based (EB) equipment and supplies with EB drugs to deliver evidence-based medical and surgical care. The KP delivery system has fifty CE/senior HTM team members and 250 BMETs serving 40 hospitals, 500+ clinics, and nine million patients.

As stated by Doug's boss at his recent retirement:

"What Doug would probably view as one of his crowning achievements is his founding of Operation Access, a non-profit surgical service delivering elective surgical care to uninsured patients. In 1993, he performed the first free surgery for uninsured community patients at KP San Francisco. This Robert Wood Johnson-funded model of care spread throughout California and Doug was recently honored as a recipient of the prestigious Albert Schweitzer Leadership Award for this humanitarian effort. Operation Access has become a key piece of our healthcare safety net and a hallmark of KP-wide community giving."

"In another philanthropic vein, Doug serves on the national Board of Trustees of MedShare International, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving healthcare and the environment through the efficient recovery and redistribution of surplus medical supplies and equipment to those most in need. He has been recognized for these efforts with KP's David Lawrence Community Service Award and KP's Dr. Sidney Garfield Exceptional Contribution Award."

2013 AAMI Foundation & ACCE's Robert L. Morris Humanitarian Award

Edward P. Myers, Jr. Software Quality Engineer

Edward P. Myers, Jr.

Ed Myers' body of volunteer work and nomination praise from his colleagues reveals his "humanitarian efforts to applying health technology to improving the global human conditions". The extent of his volunteer efforts demonstrates the criteria and spirit of the Robert L. Morris award.

"Ed has been involved in at least 11 medical projects with Assist International starting with Kazakhstan in 1993. There are two notable projects where Ed risked life and limb to install equipment in the ICU/CCU departments of hospitals in Afghanistan…

In all the projects that Ed has done with us, he has gone out of his way to give his expertise in organizing the project and following through for months afterwards with each hospital. He has gone beyond the call of duty to send to hospitals in developing countries the requirements, responsibilities, standards and conduct... It is because of guys like Ed who takes what they do seriously and follow through that makes these projects successful. One more thing: Ed has taken vacation time to do these projects, which I know takes him away from family, yet he never hesitates when we ask him to participate in a project and he is not paid to do what he does. He is strictly a volunteer. I’m excited that Ed is the unanimous person chosen to receive the Robert L. Morris Award. I know the other two that were considered are highly qualified. My hope is that they will receive serious consideration next year. One more thing: Ed has been on a number of humanitarian projects with Bob Morris. Bob Morris did many projects with Assist before his passing."

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