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Chris Falkner

Chris Falkner is the Sr. Director, Digital Strategy & Cybersecurity with SODEXO,and is an adjunct professor at UCONN for the Clinical Engineering Program. He has previously been co-chair for the ACCEEducation Committee where he led a task force for planning of the CE-IT Symposium pre-HIMSSand CESymposium at AAMI conferences. Additionally, he served on the CCEBoard of Examiners - US.

He was also one of the invited speakers at our 2021 CE-IT symposium covering the topic: Getting Ahead of Cybersecurity Risk with Contract Language.

With over 15 years of experience in the healthcare technology industry, Chris is a passionate and innovative leader who creates meaningful human experiences with technology.

This award recognizes his contributions and commitment to the integration of clinical engineering and Information Technology and patient safety.

Paul R. Sherman

​For over three decades, Paul Sherman has been an active member of the healthcare technology and clinical engineering community. During this time, Paul served in various biomedical engineering roles at the Department of Veterans. In 2012, Paul founded Sherman Engineering LLC where he helped create a support program teaching returning veterans and displaced workers about electronic medical records and managed Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise’s Patient Care Device Domain (IHE-PCD).

Paul is an advocate of the clinical engineering discipline helping define clinical workflows so clinicians can use ever increasing medical device data. Through his active engagement at HIMSS, Paul resolved several challenges surrounding interoperability and improving user requirements for interoperability adoption.

"Paul has been an active member of the healthcare technology and clinical engineering community for over three decades now. He has relentlessly served in various biomedical engineering roles at the Department of Veterans Affairs supporting the delivery of medical device management services. In 2012, Paul founded Sherman Engineering LLC serving as the technical program coordinator and manager for Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise's Patient Care Device Domain (IHE-PCD) and supporting programs that teaches returning veterans and displaced workers about electronic medical records. 

Throughout his decades of service in this community, Paul has bridged the technical understanding between clinical and information technology pillars to support the safe and reliable use of medical devices and clinical technologies. He has been an advocate of the clinical engineering discipline helping define clinical workflows so clinicians can adopt the increasing data processed by medical devices. Through his active engagement at HIMSS, he has orchestrated several challenges surrounding interoperability and improving user requirements for interoperability adoption. He participated in several work groups and task forces that facilitated the design, development, and implementation to offer EMR system training access & resources (EMR-STAR), an open-source training module for new healthcare workforce employees. This effort has helped healthcare workers with a path to learn and access EMR systems to effectively become experts through the course of their career", said Priyanka Upendra, President of ACCE.

ACCE is exceedingly pleased to recognize Paul Sherman with the ACCE/HIMSS Clinical Engineering award. Paul dedicated his 30+ years advancing clinical engineering management standard and communication protocol in device integration. During his tenure at Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Paul led the software development to track medical implants and several other key CE-IT developments in risk management and medical records management. He also managed multiple workforce groups such as Biomedical Engineering Resources Survey, VHA medical equipment management guidebook, Biomedical Engineering Advisory Board, and Biomedical Engineering Hybrid Title 38 Professional Standards Board. After his departure from VHA, Paul became the technical program manager for Integration Healthcare Enterprise - Patient Care Device (IHE-PCD) to develop new communication protocols enabling seamless communication between medical devices and IT systems. In addition, Paul has served as committee member and president of ACCE. Paul has been known in the CE-IT community since its inception, and his work has affected millions. He is undoubtedly a worthy recipient of this award.

Said, Helen Cheong, ACCE Advocacy Committee chair

Juuso Leinonen

​Juuso Leinonen is a Principal Project Engineer, at the Device Evaluation group at ECRI, where he performs comparative medical device evaluations and investigates medical device related accidents. His current subject-matter expertise includes infusion technology, medical device cybersecurity, and telehealth. Juuso has over 8 years of experience working with various healthcare technologies, and he routinely consults healthcare facilities with technology selection and procurement projects in these areas. In addition, Juuso is a part of the ECRI medical device security team and has been involved with various ECRI medical device security research, publication, and business development efforts. Juuso was the lead author of the 2018 ECRI top 10 Health Technology Hazard - Ransomware and Other Cybersecurity Threats to Healthcare Delivery Can Endanger Patients. Juuso also holds a BEng degree in biomedical engineering from City University London, United Kingdom. Juuso has presented on the practical challenges with managing medical device cybersecurity and advocated for considering cybersecurity threats as a patient safety issue at several international, national, and local conferences including HIMSS and AAMI. Juuso is also the chair of the American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE) Membership Committee and a member of the ACCE Education Committee.

I have known Juuso for over five years, first as an enthusiastic ACCE member and then through continued collaborations in medical device cybersecurity as he progressed through his role at ECRI. Juuso strikes as a professional that is always willing to learn, adopt growing technology trends, and share his knowledge in the industry, including with his active participation within ACCE’s committees and task forces. Juuso focuses on the practical aspects of connected medical devices and its cybersecurity challenges in the clinical environment. This has allowed him to share critical insights during various technical and non-technical speaking engagements at trade shows and workshops, including the FDA workshop on premarket and post market guidance to managing cybersecurity in 2019, HSCC’s joint cybersecurity working group, UL2900-2-1 standards technical panel, and IHE patient care devices planning committee as a member from 2015-2018. This award recognizes his contributions and commitment to the integration of medicine and engineering and patient safety”, said Priyanka Upendra, President of ACCE.

Ken Fuchs

Ken is the Senior Standards Consultant at Draeger Medical Systems, Inc. a manufacturer of electronic medical devices such as patient monitoring, ventilation, anesthesia and warming therapy systems. Ken is currently responsible for coordination of Drager Medical’s participation in US and International standards development activities.  He is also personally active in medical device clinical as well as interoperability related standards.  He currently serves as the chair of the IEEE 11073 Standards Committee for medical device communication, he co-chairs the AAMI MP working group for multi-parameter patient monitors and is involved in a number of other standards development efforts in ISO, IHE, HL7 and AAMI.  

Ken’s background has been focused on networking, connectivity and system architectures at various point of care medical devices companies including Draeger Medical Systems, Siemens Medical Solutions, Mindray Medical and the non-profit Center for Medical Interoperability.

At HIMSS, Fuchs has been involved with the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase since 2005. when the first Patient Care Device demonstration was held. He was a member of the IHE USA Board of Directors as well as a PCD co-chair for a number of years. He has volunteered at the Interoperability Showcase in the past as well as for HIMSS20.​

“Ken has been very involved in the CE-IT Community since its inception. His vision and leadership have helped define the scope of direction for PCD (Patient Care Device Domain) where he has been a leader from its very beginning. He has a great passion to collaborate across disciplines and to educate users’ community in order to provide much clarity for the complex architecture of network of systems and its dependence on standards to achieve and deliver safe true interoperability. Ken is well respected in the CE-IT Community; he has delivered a multitude of presentations and training workshops and has served on many committees in order to help deliver safe and effective patient care through technology. Ken is the true embodiment of CE-IT Synergies and we are extremely pleased he was awarded this Award”, said Ilir Kullolli, President of ACCE

Bridget Moorman

Bridget Moorman, BSME, MSBME, MAS-Health Informatics, CCE, Col, USAF (ret) has 30 years’ experience in the clinical engineering field and currently consults internationally for medical device companies, information technology companies, medical device integration companies, standards promulgation organizations, medical mobile application companies, mobile telecommunications companies and health care and health care pur­chasing organizations. She also writes and presents extensively on health care technology and integration. Prior to consulting, she worked for Kaiser Permanente doing strategic technology management for cardiovascular services, patient monitoring, OB/GYN data management and the biomedical device inter­face to Kaiser HealthConnect initiative. She has also worked for University Medical Center in Tucson, AZ, as a clinical engineer doing technology assessment and supporting the artificial heart program. Bridget served as Chair CCE Board of Examiners (2011-2013) and her previous ACCE awards include the Tom O'Dea Advocacy Award (2012) and the Student Paper Award (2018).  

ACCE is very pleased to recognize Bridget Moorman with this award. Bridget is well recognized in the clinical engineering community for her knowledge and strong passion for the profession. I know Bridget personally and as ACCE Education Committee chair remember her willingness and strong enthusiasm to teach in the CCE Review Course two decades ago.  Since then I followed her career and admired her leadership abilities including Chair of Board of Examiners for Certification in Clinical Engineering. She truly is an exceptional leader in the fields of clinical engineering and has broken new ground in medical device interoperability and security.” said Arif Subhan, president of ACCE. “She has authored numerous articles and a frequent presenter at ACCE, AAMI, HIMSS, and University of Connecticut. She has presented on medical device integration and security at various venues in United States and Europe. Bridget is unquestionably a worthy recipient of this award.”​

"Bridget Moorman represents a health IT leader in her specialty area, who is recognized for her expertise in clinical engineering, medical device interoperability and security," said Steve Wretling, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, HIMSS. We are indeed honored to recognize Ms. Moorman as this year's recipient of the 2019 ACCE/HIMSS Excellence in Clinical Engineering and Information Technology Synergies Award. She provides an excellence example to many in developing the profession of clinical engineering and Healthcare IT and the quality of technology in healthcare".


Axel Wirth is a Distinguished Healthcare Architect with Symantec Corporation. He has authored numerous articles, writes an award-winning column for Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology (BI&T), and has frequently presented at ACCE, AAMI, HIMSS, FDA, and NIST webinars and national conferences. He regularly gives lectures to students in graduate clinical engineering programs. Wirth also has been a leader in several national organizations, serving on the AAMI’s BI&T editorial board. He is a member of the HIMSS Privacy and Security Committee.  

ACCE is pleased to recognize Axel Wirth with this award. Axel is a recognized expert and advocate on health IT compliance, privacy and security.  He has been very active in ACCE, HIMSS, AAMI and other industry organizations.  He is a frequent and influential speaker at various industry forums on subjects involving cybersecurity, medical device security and other related topics. He has also been a presenter at several ACCE webinars and Clinical Engineering Symposiums. Axel is unquestionably a worthy recipient of this award.” said Arif Subhan, MS, CCE, CHTM, FACCE, president, ACCE. 

Axel Wirth is a well-respected member of the HIMSS community and lends valuable expert insights on cybersecurity,” said Joyce Sensmeier, MS, RN-BC, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, FAAN, vice president, informatics, HIMSS North America. His enthusiasm to share that knowledge with others has paved his way as an industry thought leader whose presence is integral to HIMSS and other organizations. He is highly regarded by his professional colleagues as a subject matter expert and leader in clinical engineering and information technology.”  ​  

Monroe Pattillo

Pattillo is an independent consultant in healthcare interoperability for alarm/event notification, equipment management, and location services using IHE Profiles.  He is a planning committee co-chair for the IHE Patient Care Device Domain, a co-lead of the ACM Working Group, and lead of the Medical Equipment Management Device Management Communication and Location Services Working Group.​

Pattillo’s leadership of the PCD domain and additional efforts to develop three profiles reflects deep technical knowledge, a commitment to improving patient care through medical device and information technologies, and dedicated time to stay current with profile developments in multiple IHE domains along with a variety of relevant standards organizations.

 “We are proud to honor Mr. Pattillo with this award. Mr. Pattillo’s many years of work creating and advancing technology for medical device and information systems interoperability exemplify the award’s goal of recognizing leadership in promoting synergies between the clinical engineering and information management disciplines. Mr. Pattillo’s leadership roles in several IHE Patient Care Device Domain areas has contributed significantly to improving interoperability, and his active roles in IHE North America Connectathons and Interoperability Showcases have allowed him to bring to life his work in front of his clinical engineering and IT colleagues. Mr. Pattillo truly is a deserving recipient of the award,” said Petr Kresta, President, ACCE. 

“Monroe’s vast experience with health information exchange, including the development of IHE profiles, makes him a valuable resource for the HIMSS community,” said Carla Smith, MA, FHIMSS, CNM, executive vice president, HIMSS North America. “His unique expertise and collaborative efforts with HIMSS, and other governing bodies in the field of interoperability have helped advance interoperability, patient safety, and medical device integration.”​ 

Jennifer Jackson, MBA, CCE

​Jennifer Jackson, MBA, CCE is the Director of Clinical Engineering and Device Integration within the department of Enterprise Information Services(EIS) at Cedars-Sinai Health System in Los Angeles, CA. Her overall responsibilities are for the operations, strategy, and growth of the clinical engineering portfolio in effort to lead the institution in new advanced directions that address the convergence of information and medical device technology. Recent accomplishments include implementing a bidirectional communication interface between the Cedars-Sinai eMAR system and IV pumps for all adult inpatient settings, completing physiological monitoring device integration with the Cedars-Sinai EHR, and overseeing the tremendously successful transition of Clinical Engineering to the CSMC EIS department.

She is certified as a Clinical Engineer, has a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Babson College. She is the previous chair of the Medical Device and Patient Safety Task Force of the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS), and is a past president of the American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE).

Before coming to Cedars-Sinai, Jennifer held the position of Technical Officer at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland where she helped lead the development of healthcare technology management resources as part of the Global Initiative on Healthcare Technologies (GIHT) program. Previously she was the assistant director of Biomedical Engineering at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA.  Jennifer’s key professional interests are medical device interoperability and integration, including the development of standards, governance, and support paradigms.

"Jennifer epitomizes the spirit of the 'Synergies' award. She's worked on device interoperability for about as long as I've known her. Jennifer's enthusiasm and dedication to Healthcare Technology Management and Health Care IT partnership affects those around her. She introduced me to the IHE efforts at an early showcase, which brought my analog self into the 21st century and helped me get involved. By continuing those efforts at the point of healthcare delivery, Jennifer enables the growth CE-IT synergies." - Paul Sherman, ACCE President


​Erin Sparnon joined ECRI Institute in 2002, and as an Engineering Manager in ECRI Institute's Health Devices Group, Erin Sparnon leads staff in testing and evaluating medical devices, conducts accident and forensic investigations involving device failures, and provides consulting services for hospitals. She has spoken on infusion safety and medical device integration at HIMSS and AAMI, and also contributed research to the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority, co-authoring a landmark survey analysis of safety events related to the electronic health record (EHR). Ms. Sparnon has a Master's Degree in Systems Engineering from Penn State University and Bachelor's Degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering from Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering.

Over the last several years, Erin has developed a tremendous amount of expertise in the area of infusion technology and focused her efforts to help make ensure industry adopts safer ways to use and deploy this technology. She is an excellent presenter and has educated countless healthcare professionals on a wide variety of topics related to safety and medical technology, particularly in the area of infusion technology and medical device connectivity. Erin especially excels in imparting her practical judgments about medical technology use throughout her very active support of IHE PCD and other standards-related efforts. I've been fortunate to work with her on ACCE activities as well as IHE PCD and the HIMSS Patient Safety Task Force and find her willingness and insight very helpful. -Paul Sherman, President, ACCE
"Erin Sparnon brings a values, patient-safety perspective voice to HIMSS discussions based on her experience and expertise in researching frontline caregiver reports of health IT safety. Her unique expertise and collaborative efforts, as HIMSS committee volunteer, has helped advance quality health IT standards, patient safety, and medical device integration."said Carla Smith, MA, CNM, FHIMSS, executive vice-president, HIMSS.

Emanuel Furst has been a long standing member of both HIMSS and ACCE. He has worked at the committee level in ACCE, written and presented professional papers at HIMSS, ACCE, AAMI and other venues and been an active advocate of the HIMSS CE-IT SIG, which has evolved to the CE-IT Community.

Manny has advanced the professional standards embraced by ACCE and HIMSS throughout his professional life. For over 25 years, he has organized and convened an annual day-long gathering of the best and brightest minds in the clinical engineering profession to explore, debate, and shape the discourse of clinical engineering on the great problems and opportunities of our times. The product of those meetings has impacted patient safety, the direction of medical technology, and the evolution of the clinical engineering field itself. "The Manny Meetings," which has become a standing committee of AAMI, was the incubator where Clinical Engineering thought leaders initially advanced the concepts of CE-IT which led to the successful collaboration begun by ACCE and HIMSS in 2001.

"We are proud to honor Dr. Furst with this award. Throughout his career he has been dedicated to the advancement of the clinical engineering profession. His work with Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Patient Care Device (PCD) domain is helping to set the standard for the next generation of clinical engineering and its relationship with health IT." - Jim Keller, President, ACCE

Paul Frisch

​Paul Frisch has 30 years of professional experience and contributions to the field; and is a long-standing member of HIMSS & ACCE. One of his research interests has been the transition of clinical devices from stand-alone to networked systems sharing and distributing information between clinical applications and devices. He has extensively researched how these devices have also moved to expand their functionality to use wireless technologies as medium for conveying this critical information.

“The American College of Clinical Engineering is very proud to support the selection of Dr. Frisch for this award.  His work is an excellent model for the new direction that practitioners of clinical engineering need to take as more and more of the technologies we work with incorporate computer-based functionality and integrate with health IT systems.  Dr. Frisch is to be commended for his forward-thinking leadership in our profession,” says Jim Keller, President of ACCE.​

"The connection and integration between clinical engineering and information technology come to the forefront with this joint ACCE-HIMSS award, as indicated by the accomplishments of this year’s recipient Paul H. Frisch, PhD, FHIMSS.  All of us at HIMSS congratulate Dr. Frisch for his ongoing contributions to the Society, and specifically, to HIMSS13, where he will speak at the Clinical Engineering & IT Symposium and has already provided his expertise for one of our large, interactive exhibits,” says H. Stephen Lieber, CAE, HIMSS President & CEO​.

Paul Schluter

Paul Schluter is the Principal Engineer for Systems Engineering in the Patient Care Solutions business segment at GE Healthcare in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Paul received his BS in Engineering and Applied Physics from Caltech and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT in 1981. He represents GE Healthcare in several medical device connectivity standards organizations, including IEEE 11073, the HL7 Health Care Devices SIG and most recently with the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise Patient Devices Domain (IHE PCD) and the Continua Health Alliance.  Paul currently chairs the IHE PCD Rosetta Terminology Mapping effort and played a pivotal role in facilitating the collaboration between the IHE and Continua regarding the development of a unified wide area network (WAN) interface for near real-time clinical and personal health device data.  

Paul has in recent years dedicated a very large proportion of his time and his considerable energies to promoting interoperability of patient care devices and IT information systems.

He has worked intensely on interoperability standards for point-of-care lab test devices, on the ISO/IEEE 11073 family of medical device communications, including major innovations in an annotated ECG nomenclature and electronic presentation that has been adopted by the FDA for data submission, HL7 standards for patient monitoring and other acute care medical devices in the HL7 Health Care Devices Working Group and in Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise Patient Care Device Planning and Technical Committee including the recent Implantable Device Cardiac Observation profile.

His work on unifying and stabilizing the reporting of medical device data into the electronic medical record has involved two major recent innovations by Paul: the Rosetta Terminology Mapping project, and the unification of the Continua WAN standard for personal health devices with the IHE Device Enterprise Communications​ Profile.
Stephen Grimes

Grimes is Chief Technology Officer and Director of Clinical Systems Engineering at Linc Health LLC, in Holliston, MA, which provides integrated facilities management, clinical engineering solutions and other support services to healthcare organizations. Grimes joined the company in 2007.​

At ACCE, he has served as a board member and officer, including past-president, president, president-elect, vice president and secretary. He also has served as HIPAA Task Force chair and Membership Committee chair. In 2007, with the help of other colleagues we convinced our membership to support to host the ACCE annual meeting to coincide with the HIMSS Annual Conference. That move helped encourage substantially more participation by clinical engineering in the HIMSS Annual Conference and also led to more participation on the part of clinical engineering in many HIMSS committees and programs.

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