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2024US/Canada Master1st PlaceMaryam Sangargir

​Winning Paper: Safety Verification Procedure in the Implementation of Alternative Equipment Maintenance at The Ottawa Hospital​. The paper describes The Ottawa Hospital's (TOH) adoption of Alternative Equipment Maintenance (AEM) in response to challenges managing a vast array of medical devices. Traditional reliance on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) recommendations resulted in diminishing Preventive Maintenance (PM) completion rates, prompting the need for alternative strategies.   TOH's AEM methodology entails establishing an AEM committee, conducting eligibility assessments, and calculating an Equipment Management Number (EM#) based on World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. AEM's primary objective is highlighted as the enhancement of patient safety alongside the efficient use of resources. The adjustment of PM schedules through AEM is underscored as a valuable strategy to elevate completion rates and actively involve biomedical technologists in decision-making processes. The paper proposes potential refinements in scoring criteria and advocates for the continuous expansion of AEM projects across healthcare institutions.​

University of Ottawa, CanadaGraduate StudentYes
2024Undergraduate1st PlaceAntonio Carlos de Andrade Moreno

​Winning Paper: Analysis of the Return on Investment after the Implementation of the RFID System at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. Health care costs in Brazil continue to increase over the last decade and the inefficient management of medical technologies is one of the factors that has contributed to this high cost. On the other hand, there is a growing appreciation of technologies that help in the management of the technological park of hospitals. In this context, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology becomes essential for the management of hospital assets, allowing their real-time identification and the management of their information. Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, in 2017, began studies for the implementation of the system, being implemented only in 2021, undergoing several feasibility and investment studies. The high investment in the RFID system is one of the factors that inhibit health institutions in Brazil from investing in this technology. Mobile assets benefiting the most from RFID technology were then selected within these variables. However, the return on investment (ROI) for RFID technology and its impact are based on the specifics of each healthcare organization and there is no standard methodology to assess this impact, but it is possible to project the gains and cost-benefit in a concrete way. The variables used in the ROI methodology were asset search time, shrinkage  rates, utilization rates, and RFID implementation costs. This study highlights important RFID asset management techniques and characteristics for hospitals to consider when determining their own financial viability with respect to RFID implementation. A full return on investment was achieved in just 10 months after the overall deployment of the system. Keywords: RFID, Asset Management, Return on Investment. ​​

Centro de Ensino Einstein, BrazilStudentYes
2023US/Canada Doctorate1st PlaceMr. Kordell Mitchell TanUniversity of North DakotaGraduate StudentYes
2023US/Canada Master1st PlaceMs. Simin NazeriUniversity of OttawaMaster Graduate StudentYes
2022US/Canada Master1st PlaceChristopher GrayUniversity of OttawaGraduate StudentYes
2021US/Canada Master1st PlaceEden D'SouzaCarleton UniversityGraduate StudentYes
2020US/Canada Master1st PlaceMs. Payal MandotUniversity of OttawaGraduate studentYes
2020International Master1st PlaceMs. Rachele Fabbri

​​A Collaborative RESTful cloud-based tool for management of chromatic pupillometri in a clinical trial

University of FlorenceGraduate studentYes
2020US/Canada Doctorate1st PlaceMs. Priyanka UpendraCapella UniversityGraduate studentYes
2019GraduateCooper Schwabe, Master Program at University of Connecticut
Understanding the Electromagnetic Interference Associated with Clinical Mobile Computer and Oscillatory Ventilators
University of ConnecticutMaster ProgramYes
2018DoctorateBridget A. Moorman, PhD program at College of Health Solutions, Arizona State UniversityCollege of Health Solutions, Arizona State UniversityPhD programYes
20151st PlaceMichele Manzoli, CE intern at Yale-New Haven Hospital, MS CE candidate, University of Connecticut

​YNHH Medical Equipment Database: Standardization of nomenclature and risk assessment procedure. This paper discusses the use of a standard nomenclature system for medical equipment class descriptions and codes and develops a proposal for a new risk assessment procedure compliant with the new TJC standards for medical equipment maintenance and inspired by the reading of the most recent relevant literature.

University of ConnecticutCE intern at Yale-New Haven Hospital, MS CE candidateYes
20152nd PlaceDarcy Del Dotto, CE intern at Lifespan, MS CE candidate, University of ConnecticutUniversity of ConnecticutCE intern at Lifespan, MS CE candidateYes
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2023Julianne M. Boughton

​Undergraduate, Biomedical Engineering at University of Vermont & Biomedical Engineering Intern at Instrumentation and Technical Services at the University of Vermont.

Julianne is enrolled for the Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering program at the Graduate Colleger at the Unviersity of Vermont, for the 2023 Fall semester.

Unviersity of VermontMaster of Science in Biomedical Engineering program at the Graduate CollegerYes
2022Graduate1st PlaceCharlotte Cooperman

​Master Program, Biomedical Engineering/Clinical Engineering at University of Connecticut; Clinical Engineer intern at Yale New Haven Health System​

University of Connecticut; Clinical Engineer intern at Yale New Haven Health System​​Master Program, Biomedical Engineering/Clinical EngineeringYes
2021Joemart Ian Contreras

Clinical Engineer intern at VA North Texas Healthcare System

University of Connecticut; Clinical Engineer intern at VA North Texas Healthcare SystemMaster Program, Biomedical Engineering/Clinical EngineeringYes
2020Graduate1st PlaceEmily Sizemore
University of ConnecticutMaster Program, Clinical EngineeringYes
2019Ana Paulette Arreygue Chavez
University of ConnecticutMaster Program, Clinical EngineeringYes
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