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    Transitioning culture, the change to CE-IT

    Description: Working together with IS to bridge the communication and process gaps. Change management, disaster recovery and converged systems.

    SpeakersNader Hammoud/John Muir Health & Corey Chow/Standford Health

    Moderator: Carlos DeSousa


    Members free webinar: Leveraging Standardized CMMS Data to Collaborate Towards Smarter HTM Decisions

    While CMMS systems are essential for HTM program operations, frontline professionals sometimes regard their interaction with the CMMS as an onerous data-entry chore, and many HTM managers struggle to derive useful insights from the mountains of data. Sophisticated CMMS databases allow the collection of vast amounts of data and offer the promise of providing actionable management information. However, with hospitals all collecting data in their own unique ways, it has been all but impossible for HTM professionals to assess their industry as a whole. 

     Discover how six competing CMMS suppliers recently set aside their differences to standardize how medical device information is configured, and then outlined a method for optimizing and standardizing failure codes in a recent white paper. (all attendess will be to download after session completion).

    You can become stronger contributors to the HTM community, and to your HTM department’s success, by leveraging your CMMS data and utilizing standardized information when applicable.  

    Join Matt Baretich and Rob Mayer on 3/25 when they will:

    *Review fundamental CMMS fields needed for HTM program operations 

    *Explore standardization or lack thereof in CMMS fields and HTM metrics 

    *Examine CMMS field configuration adjustments to better enter and later utilize HTM data 

    *Recap the Failure Code field standardization project and discuss what fields should next be considered for standardization.


    Device Integration: Journey to Realizing Plug-and-Trust Interoperability


    In 2005, ACCE teamed up with HIMSS, RSNA and IHE International to create the IHE Patient Care Devices (PCD) group.  15 years later, this collaborative effort has resulted in standards-based medical device integration specifications that are implemented in dozens of products worldwide and solve many of the basic challenges of flowing vital signs information to EHRs, or routing alerts to caregivers, or supporting infusion pump programming and 6-rights checking.  Additionally, when the IEC 80001-1 risk management standard was first published in 2010, ACCE played an active role in helping its members understand and apply its processes to device integration projects. 

    Is patient safety and care quality improved?  Is the clinical engineer’s role more impactful within the health care organization?  Have these standards-based efforts delivered where it counts:  at the patient’s bedside?  Is there hope – and why! – that things will improve in the near future?  Can see the roots of that in standards and products that are hitting the street … today? 

    This session on realizing the promise of “plug-and-trust” medical device interoperability provides a brief recounting of ACCE’s role in advancing standards-based device integration from the creation of IHE PCD in 2005 to the present, including current changes (such as the 2nd edition to 80001-1).  It then looks at the reality of medical device interoperability (MDI) at the acute care bedside, especially for clinical engineers, and explains how current efforts underway will address many of the fundamental issues that have prevented realizing the 40+ years of promised benefits from true plug-and-trust MDI.

    Speaker: Todd Cooper


    The Joint Commission Update webinar NOTICE

    This webinar has been suspended due to unforseen circunstances and will be rescheduled as soon as possible. Please check back for new date and time.

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