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ACCE  is an official Collaborator of HIMSS19

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ACCE CE-IT Symposium

Safe and Effective Application of Networked Medical Systems

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Date: Monday, February 11, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Location: Hyatt Regency Orlando, Bayhill 23/24
Description: The American College of Clinical Engineering was formed to establish standards of competence and to promote excellence in clinical engineering practice, and to promote safe and effective application of science and technology in patient care.
Today, safe and effective application of science and technology has transformed into (among other things) ensuring that medical equipment can integrate and network safely in the hospital network, and can be protected by outside attackers.
In this Symposium we will have nationally and internationally recognized speakers and engineers who will address this shift in clinical engineering practice. We will cover topics such as medical device security, patching of medical equipment, disaster recovery planning, safe networking of medical equipment and systems, long term capital planning, and emerging technologies and their impact on the hospital operations.
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ACCE Education Session #149

Time: Wednesday, February 13, 2019. 1:00 – 2pm
Location: Orlando Convention Center, Room: W311A
Description: Cybersecurity has long been looked at as an IT or IT Security problem with little concern to anybody else. But as we are witnessing care-interrupting cyberattacks impacting increasingly interconnected and technology-dependent health delivery systems, we need to take a broader approach and include non-technical stakeholders, especially clinicians. This requires that we find ways to establish the security roles and responsibilities for these clinical cyber security leaders and that their security educational needs are met so that they can be partners in security planning and decision-making.

Although roles and consequently security responsibilities vary, all participants need to understand how their daily decisions impact an organization’s security risks and exposure. A broad range of new responsibilities is evolving, starting with the need to include cybersecurity during equipment purchasing and replacement planning, considering security in the context of clinician workflows, and the need for technical / clinical tradeoff decisions in case of a cyber-incident affecting clinical systems. Further, clinicians may be approached by patients with questions relating to their devices’ cyber risks, and consequently need to understand how these cyber-concerns could impact patients’ trust and treatment decisions.

Today’s security risks are too complex and the risk to care delivery and patient safety is too high for cybersecurity to be relegated to the purely technical realm. Cybersecurity programs can only succeed if based on a holistic approach that involves a constructive partnership between stakeholders. This session will explore how organizations can improve cybersecurity when decisions are made as a partnership between security-educated clinicians and security professionals that balances patient and societal needs for health, safety AND security.
  • Axel Wirth, Distinguished Technical Architect, Symantec Corporation
  • Dr. Joseph Schneider, Clinical Assistant Professor, UT Southwestern Medical Center
ACCE Education Session #238

Time: Thursday, February 14, 2019; 11:30am-12:30pm
Location: Orlando Convention Center, Room: W315A
Description: Most healthcare organizations usually have a set capital budget for medical technology acquisitions. In this day and age, technology has become increasingly complex, devices are interfacing with each other as well as Electronic Medical Records, and CyberSecurity has taken a front and center seat on medical equipment and systems decisions. As such, it has become very difficult to make the right decisions on when to retire medical equipment, when to purchase new equipment, and what technology to use in order to replace outdated/end of life medical systems and devices.

In this session, we will explore how three different leading healthcare organizations have coped with these issues, different strategies used to address them, and lessons learned during this process.
  • Ilir Kullolli, Director of Clinical Technology and Biomedical Engineering at Stanford Children's Health
  • Kevin Kreitzman, Assistant. Director, Clinical Engineering, Brigham and Women’s Hospital



Health Technology Alliance & American College of Clinical Engineering Awards Reception


Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2019; 6:00 PM– 8:00 PM EST
Location: Orange County Convention Center/ Room# W240C, level 2

Network with ACCE members, experts from Clinical Engineering, Health Technology Management, and Medical Device Domain - all are welcome to attend!

Join Arif Subhan, President/ACCE and Steven Wretling, CTIO/HIMSS in congratulating the 2019 ACCE/HIMSS Excellence in Clinical Engineering and Information Technology Synergies Award winner.

Sponsored by
 Enlighted A Siemans Company


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