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Journal of Clinical Engineering- JCE- Discounted Subscription

To get a subscription reduced from $366 to $99 go to and enter the below code at checkout:(it will apply to the print/online product: Journal/PB-Paperback) 
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  • ACCE Members from the United States, apply code: WKK149ZA 
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IFMBE/Springer Publishings

As part of ACCE's membership to IFMBE, ACCE members have Free Online Access to:
Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing Editors-in-Chief: Nitish Takor
IFMBE Proceedings Series Editor: Ratko Magjarevic
Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology Editors-in-Chief: G.A. Holzapfel; J.D. Humphrey
Cardiovascular Engineering Editor-in-Chief: John K.-J. Li
Biomedial Microdevices Editor-in-Chief: Mauro Ferrari
Health and Technology Editors-in-Chief: Lodewijk Bos, Luis Kun
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