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Job Opportunities


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UConn BME Clinical Engineering

UConn BME Clinical Engineering Internship Program Job Opportunities

The University of Connecticut, College of Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Department (BME, https://www.bme.uconn.edu/) seeks academically and professionally qualified individuals to serve as adjunct faculty and program specialists in the Clinical Engineering Internship Program for the Fall 2024 semester.

For more information visit UConn Jobs | Human Resources under the "Adjunct Faculty" and "Temporary Job Opening" links.

The University of Connecticut is an AA/EEO Employer

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Veterans Health Administration-Healthcare Technology Management
Veterans Health Administration-Healthcare Technology Management

Veterans Health Administration

Healthcare Technology Management

Interested in supporting healthcare technology for our nation's Veterans?

There are over 1400 VA medical facilities across the nation utilizing some of the latest technologies:
  • More than 300 MRI Scanners
  • More than 300 CT Scanners and more than 50 PET/CT Scanners
  • More than 50 medical centers performing robotic surgery


For more information, check: www.mycareeratva.va.gov
or send your resume to vhacobme@va.gov
For up to date job postings, check: www.usajobs.gov
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