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Volume 34, Issue 1President's messageCommittees' Updates, Mario Castañeda Scholarship open thru Feb 16ACCE @CMIA2024, @ HIMSS24,  @AAMI eXchange24, 2024 HIMSS-ACCE Excellence in CE-IT Synergies Award recipient announced2023 Clinical Engineering Salary in the US ReportUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED, and more...2/2/20244/6/2024Approved
Volume 33, Issue 6President's messageUpdates from ACCE CommitteesCCE Prep column: sample review questionsCall for Nominations: 2024 Students Awards, CE-Hall of Fame- class of 2024, UCONN CE Internship Program_2023Updates from organizations (AAMI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED, WHO Collaborator Center) and more...11/1/20232/1/2024Approved
Volume 33, Issue 5President's message: new Board installed2024 ACCE Advocacy Awards: Call for NominationsSupport  the Mario Castaneda ScholarshipUpdates from Education, Membership, Advocacy CommitteesCCE Prep Sample Questions: Codes and StandardsUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, VA and more.9/1/202312/1/2023Approved
Volume 33, Issue 4 _editor: Sonja MarkezPresident's Message2023 Board ElectionACCE at AAMI eXchange 2023 & Members Meeting/Awards ReceptionInternational: JACE 33rd Conference; Role of HTM in Disaster ReliefCommittees' UpdatesUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED, WHO Collaborating Center, CCE Prep sample questions and more7/1/20239/26/2023Approved
Volume 33, Issue 3ACCE Board's Message2023 Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame inductees: George Johnston & Marv ShepherdACCE events AAMI eXchange 23 - Long BeachUpdates from committees and HTCC/2023 CCE examination2023 Student Scholarship winner announcedUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED and more...6/2/20237/31/2023Approved
Volume 33, Issue 2President's messageCelebration of Life: Marvin ShepherdMembership Committee: welcome new ACCE membersAdvocacy Committee: Congratulations to the 2023 Advocacy Awards recipients and 2023 Student Paper Competition winnersUniversity of Connecticut: CE Week with UCONN CE InternsCCE Prep sample questions, Updates from AAMI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED, and more...4/24/20236/1/2023Approved
Volumne 33, Issue 1President's messageACCE @HIMSS23-Chicago: CE-IT SymposiumUpdates from ACCE CommitteesCall for nominations: CE-Hall of Fame.2023 ACCE-HIMSS Excellence in CE-IT Synergies awardee: Paul ShermanUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED and more1/31/20234/22/2023Approved
Volume 32, Issue 6President's MessageCelebration of Life: Mario Castañeda2023 ACCE CE Hall of Fame: Call for nominationsCommittees Updates (Advocacy, CE-HOF, Education, International, Membership)CCE Prep: Dialysis, FREE HTM e-modules from Durham College Updates from AAMI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED, and more...12/3/20221/30/2023Approved
Volume 32 Issue 5President Message by Priya Upendra, 2nd termUpdates from ACCE committeesIn Memoriam, Mario Castañeda, 1944 - 2022Call for Nominations: 2023 ACCE Advocacy AwardsEnter the 2023 ACCE Students'Paper CompetitionUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED, and more...10/5/202212/3/2022Approved
Volume 32, Issue 4President's Message2022 ACCE Officer and Board ElectionACCE at AAMI eXchange 22, photos. Thank you volunteers!Updates from committees, BOK, Education, Membership, InternationalUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED, WHO collaborating center2022 Class of CCEs, and more...8/7/202210/6/2022Approved
Volume 32, Issue 3President's MessageIn Memoriam: George I. Johnston, Father of CE profession2022 ACCE CE-HOF inductees &  2022 ACCE Advocacy Students’ Awards winnersSpecial Report: BOK Survey ReportCommittees Updates, ACCE @AAMI22Updates from AAMI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED, and more...5/30/20228/6/2022Approved
Volume 32, Issue 2President's MessageEducation Committee News: April & May Educational Webinars, CE Symposium@AAMI22Advocacy Committee Updates: 2022 ACCE Advocacy Awards winners announcedInternational Committee UpdatesYou are invited! 32nd Members meeting and Awards Reception. RSVPCCE Prep questions and more updates4/17/20225/29/2022Approved
Volume 32, Issue 1President's MessageEducation Committee Updates: February Webinars, recordingsInternational Committee ReportMembership: Welcome New ACCE MembersCCE Prep: Facilities EngineeringUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED and more...2/1/20224/4/2022Approved
Volume 31, Issue 6President's MessageUpdates from ACCE CommitteesCall for Nomination: CE Hall of Fame, Class of 2022CCE Prep: Sample Questions: Facilities Systems Engineering, Part 1ECRI Prespectives: Calling all HTM Superheroes, Updates from AAMI, IFMBE/CED11/1/20211/31/2022Approved
Volume 31, Issue 5President's MessageACCE at HIMSS21 report: CE-IT Symposium, Awards ReceptionMember's spotlight: VA CE/HTM Leader Kurt Finke RetiresCongrats to New CCEsUpdates from ACCE Committees: Education, International, MembershipUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED, WHO collaborating center and more...10/3/202112/10/2021Approved
Volume 31, Issue 4President MessageACCE Board Election ACCE in support of COVID-19 Vaccine MandatesEducational, International, Membership updatesACCE @ HIMSS21 eventsAAMI, ECRI perspectives, IFMBE/CED updates, and more.8/6/202110/2/2021Approved
Volume 31, Issue 3President Message: Advocacy: 2021 ACCE Awards & Students AwardsHall of Fame: 2021 Class: Painter & HymanMembership: new benefit- Free educational webinars for members, Fellow member: GreenwoodInternational, BOK & Educational updatesAAMI Exchange Rewired, HIMSS21, ECRI prospects, IFMBE/CED & HTAD, and more...5/1/20218/6/2021Approved
Volume 31, Issue 2President's messageIHE Connectathon 20212021 CCE Renewals updateBOK Committee, Educational Committee, International Committee UpdatesCCE Prep, 2020 Ontario Prof Engineers Young Engineer AwardAAMI Updates, IFMBE, ECRI Updates and more...3/24/20215/29/2021Approved
Volume 31, Issue 1President's messageIn Memoriam: Tom O'DeaReports from Education Committee, International Committee, Membership CommitteeUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED, WHO Collaborating Center for HTMCCE Prepand many more topics.2/1/20213/23/2021Approved
Volume 30, Issue 6President's message2021 Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame NominationsAdvocacy Committee: Call for nominations: 2021 Advocacy Awards, 2021 Student Paper Competition and Scholarship openInternational Committee reportIn Memoriam: David Simmons, Zachary CollinsUpdates from ECRI, AAMI, IFMBE/CED and more.12/13/20201/31/2021Approved
Volume 30, Issue 5President's message: I hope and wish that every one of you, and your families. are doing well and staying healthy though this pandemic1Education committee: thank the 2019-2020 speakers and announce the 2020-2021 webinar series.  Announcing October and November  sessions speakers/panelists.International committee: joint session with CEASA on 10/21/20 (GCEDay)Membership committee: welcome new members and congrats to those upgraded to Individual levelCCE Prep: Sample QuestionsUpdates from AAMI, HTF, IFMBE/CED, WHO Collaborator Center and more9/29/202011/30/2020Approved
Volume 30, Issue 4President's MessageCelebrating 30 years2020 ACCE Officer and Board ElectionUpdates from ACCE CommitteesUCONN Clinical Engineering Internship ProgramUpdates from organizations (AAMI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED) and more....7/31/20209/28/2020Approved
Volume 30, Issue 3President MessageCE Departments Response to COVID-19In Memoriam: George Panagiotopoulos, 1960 - 2020Updates from ACCE Committees, Members' articles, ...CCE Prep columnUpdates from many organizations (AAMI, ECRI, HTF, CED) and more....5/30/20207/30/2020Approved
Volume 30, Issue 2President MessageSpecial Coverage: CE Response to COVID-19A Tribute to Cesar Augusto Caceres, MD2020 Advocacy Awards and 2020 Student Paper Competition WinnersUpdates from ACCE Committees, Members' articles,Updates from many organizations and more....3/1/20205/29/2020Approved
Volume 30, Issue 1ACCE Committees Updates: Education, International, MembershipACCE at HIMSS 2020ACCE at CMIA 2020CCE Prep Column: AEM ProgramsMembers columns: Why CEs should attend ICE2020, Book ReviewAAMI Updates, ECRI Perspectives, IFMBE/CED Updates, IHE2020, and more...1/31/20203/31/2020Approved
Volume 29, Issue 6Advocacy Committee: Call for Nominations, Students AwardsEducation Committee Updates: webinarsInternational Committee Report: 2 new collaboration agreements: SOMIB & AIICNew Members, Member Transitions, Member's columnCCE Prep ColumnPerspectives from ECRI, AAMI Updates, WHO collaborating center Updates, and more....12/6/20191/30/2020Approved
Volume 29, Issue 5Ilir Kullolli, President's message Survey request, IHE PCD MEMIn Memoriam: William A. HymanInternational Committee report, Educational WebinarsMember Career Transitions, New Members, and moreUpdates from AAMI, HTF, IFMBE/CED and more9/1/201912/4/2019Approved
Volume 29, Issue 4President's message: CCE Task Force, ACCE committees...ACCE Updates: recap of ACCE events at AAMI Exchange, thank you volunteers2019-2020 ACCE Educational Webinar series2019 Class of CCEsMember Career Transitions, New Members, and moreUpdates from AAMI, HTF, and more8/10/20199/28/2019Approved
Volume 29, Issue 3President's messageACCE Updates: detailed activities at AAMI Exchange2019, Education Webinars, International CollaborationsACCE activities at MD Expo, CMBEC42, HTM week 2019 ACCE Scholarship winner2019 ACCE Student Paper Competition winnerUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, HTF, IFMBE6/6/20198/9/2019Approved
Volume 29, Issue 2President's messageACCE Updates: ACCE events at AAMI Exchange 2019, New Members, Education webinarsMentoring Program reportEditorial Desk: The US Federal Government's New Interoperatibility EffortsACCE at HIMSS19 reportUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, HTF, etc...4/20/20196/5/2019Approved
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