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Volume 30, Issue 6President's message2021 Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame NominationsAdvocacy Committee: Call for nominations: 2021 Advocacy Awards, 2021 Student Paper Competition and Scholarship openInternational Committee reportIn Memoriam: David Simmons, Zachary CollinsUpdates from ECRI, AAMI, IFMBE/CED and more.12/13/20202/13/2021Approved
Volume 30, Issue 5President's message: I hope and wish that every one of you, and your families. are doing well and staying healthy though this pandemic1Education committee: thank the 2019-2020 speakers and announce the 2020-2021 webinar series.  Announcing October and November  sessions speakers/panelists.International committee: joint session with CEASA on 10/21/20 (GCEDay)Membership committee: welcome new members and congrats to those upgraded to Individual levelCCE Prep: Sample QuestionsUpdates from AAMI, HTF, IFMBE/CED, WHO Collaborator Center and more9/29/202011/30/2020Approved
Volume 30, Issue 4President's MessageCelebrating 30 years2020 ACCE Officer and Board ElectionUpdates from ACCE CommitteesUCONN Clinical Engineering Internship ProgramUpdates from organizations (AAMI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED) and more....7/31/20209/28/2020Approved
Volume 30, Issue 3President MessageCE Departments Response to COVID-19In Memoriam: George Panagiotopoulos, 1960 - 2020Updates from ACCE Committees, Members' articles, ...CCE Prep columnUpdates from many organizations (AAMI, ECRI, HTF, CED) and more....5/30/20207/30/2020Approved
Volume 30, Issue 2President MessageSpecial Coverage: CE Response to COVID-19A Tribute to Cesar Augusto Caceres, MD2020 Advocacy Awards and 2020 Student Paper Competition WinnersUpdates from ACCE Committees, Members' articles,Updates from many organizations and more....3/1/20205/29/2020Approved
Volume 30, Issue 1ACCE Committees Updates: Education, International, MembershipACCE at HIMSS 2020ACCE at CMIA 2020CCE Prep Column: AEM ProgramsMembers columns: Why CEs should attend ICE2020, Book ReviewAAMI Updates, ECRI Perspectives, IFMBE/CED Updates, IHE2020, and more...1/31/20203/31/2020Approved
Volume 29, Issue 6Advocacy Committee: Call for Nominations, Students AwardsEducation Committee Updates: webinarsInternational Committee Report: 2 new collaboration agreements: SOMIB & AIICNew Members, Member Transitions, Member's columnCCE Prep ColumnPerspectives from ECRI, AAMI Updates, WHO collaborating center Updates, and more....12/6/20191/30/2020Approved
Volume 29, Issue 5Ilir Kullolli, President's message Survey request, IHE PCD MEMIn Memoriam: William A. HymanInternational Committee report, Educational WebinarsMember Career Transitions, New Members, and moreUpdates from AAMI, HTF, IFMBE/CED and more9/1/201912/4/2019Approved
Volume 29, Issue 4President's message: CCE Task Force, ACCE committees...ACCE Updates: recap of ACCE events at AAMI Exchange, thank you volunteers2019-2020 ACCE Educational Webinar series2019 Class of CCEsMember Career Transitions, New Members, and moreUpdates from AAMI, HTF, and more8/10/20199/28/2019Approved
Volume 29, Issue 3President's messageACCE Updates: detailed activities at AAMI Exchange2019, Education Webinars, International CollaborationsACCE activities at MD Expo, CMBEC42, HTM week 2019 ACCE Scholarship winner2019 ACCE Student Paper Competition winnerUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, HTF, IFMBE6/6/20198/9/2019Approved
Volume 29, Issue 2President's messageACCE Updates: ACCE events at AAMI Exchange 2019, New Members, Education webinarsMentoring Program reportEditorial Desk: The US Federal Government's New Interoperatibility EffortsACCE at HIMSS19 reportUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, HTF, etc...4/20/20196/5/2019Approved
Volume 29, Issue 1President's MessageACCE Updates: 2018 BOK Survey, 2019 Synergies Award winner announced, Welcome New Members, ACCE @HIMSS19HTCC Update: 2019 CCE Exam and 2019 CCE Renewals2019 IHE ConnectathonearthMed in Mongolia: Clinical Equipment in 21st century MongoliaUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, IFMBE, HTF, IFMBE/CED, and more.......2/10/20194/19/2019Approved
Volume 28, Issue 6President MessageThe Ethics, Morals, and Merits of MentoringInternational: Exciting Future for CE in MexicoACCE at HIMSS19Trillium Health Partners introduces Students to the field of CE/BMEUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, UCONN, WHO Collaborating Center, and more...12/23/20182/9/2019Approved
Volume 28, Issue 5President's MessageIn Memoriam, Dave Harrington, PhDCommittees' Updates: CCE Webinar series, 2019 ACCE Awards-Call for Nominations, and more..Welcome New MembersUpdates from AAMI, ECRi, IFMBE/CED, HTF, and moreACCE @HIMSS1910/13/201812/15/2018Approved
Volume 28, Issue 4President's MessageCongratulations to the 2018 Class of CCEs2018 Officer and Board ElectionsUpdates from ACCE Committees: Education, International, Membership...Updates from AAMI, ECRI, HTF, and moreMembers updates, Penalty Box, and more...8/29/20189/29/2018Approved
Volume 28, Issue 3ACCE at AAMI 2018: Global Forum, CE Symposium, Membership Drive, BOK SurveySlate of Candidates Announced for ACCE's 2018 ElectionUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, HTFIHE PCD Update/IHE SurveyInternational: Global Forum; CE in Taiwan, World Congress, COLCINCIn Memoriam: John Hughes6/20/20188/24/2018Approved
Volume 28, Issue 2HIMSS 2018 Health Technology Alliance ACCE Awards ReceptionInteroperability Showcase at HIMSS 2018ACCE Education Presentation at HIMSS18Clinical Engineering and CCE Review Course at AAMI 2018 Info4/18/20186/19/2018Approved
Volume 28 Issue 1President MessageUpdates from ACCE Committees: membership, international, Advocacy, Mentoring, EducationUpdates from IHE Connectathon 2018, AAMI, ECRIACCE at HIMSS18, ACCE at AAMI182018 Awards winnersIn Memoriam: Herbert Voigt2/5/20184/17/2018Approved
Volume 27 Issue 6President MessageACCE events at HIMSS18Welcome New MembersInternational Committee: CE in Arab Countries-BioClinic3, CE in Argentina-SABI2017; COLCINC-Colombian College of CE.Call for Nominations _ CE Hall of Fame: Class of 2018Updates from AAMI, ECRI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED; UCONN Class of 2018...and more12/15/20172/4/2018Approved
Volume 27, Issue 5First President Message by Arif Subhan1st Latin American & Caribbean Summit on Clinical Engineering and HTMClinical Engineering Challenges in ColombiaNewest Fellow Member: Larry FennigkohCommittee Updates: Advocacy, Education, MembershipUpdates from AAMI, ECRI, ECRI, IFMBE/CED...10/3/201712/12/2017Approved
Volume 27 Issue 4President Message: Only thing constant in our lives is change2017 ACCE Officers Election resultsCongratulations to the 2017 Class of CCEs!Updates from Education Committee, Membership CommitteeUpdates from HTF, AAMI, ECRIand more....8/7/201710/2/2017Approved
Volume 27 Issue 3ACCE at AAMI 2017Slate of Candidates Announced for ACCE's 2017 ElectionHow to Safely Divine Clinical Risk from Cybersecurity Risk, by Ben Ransford & Kevin FuUpdates from Educational Committee, International Committee, CE-IT CommitteeUpdates from HTF, AAMI, ECRIThe View from the Penalty Box and more......6/20/20178/8/2017Approved
Volume 27 Issue 2President Message, ACCE at AAMI17Welcome new MembersNew CCE Renewal Options: Retired/Emeritus StatusBrexit and Possible Impact on Medical Device RegulationNew ECRI Content on Preventing Healthcare Acquired InfectionsInternational: XVII Italian Clinical Engineers Association National Meeting4/30/20176/19/2017Approved
Volume 27 Issue 12017 Advocacy Awards Recipients announcedHIMSS 2017: ACCE EventsMonroe Pattillo: CE-IT Synergies AwardeeAAMI 2017: ACCE events - RSVP!New Members/Fellow member, AAMI update, ECRI perspectives, HTF updateand more3/2/20174/29/2017Approved
Volume 26, Issue 6FDA Public Workshop report- 5R and Servicing of Medical Devices performed by Third-Party EntityHTF Update: Closed-Loop Controlled DevicesCall for Nomination: CE Hall of Fame, Class of 2017Clinical Engineering Graduate EducationHIMSS 2017: ACCE co-sponsored eventsVII Latin American Congress, New Members and more.....12/21/20162/17/2017Approved
Volume 25, Issue 5Introducing ACCE President, Petr Kresta2017 IHE Connectathon: Volunteers neededAdvocacy Committee: 2017 Student Paper Competition InvitationInternational Committee: New Women's Hospital in Guayaquil, Taiwan ConferencesHTF Update: Military Health System ResearchAAMI Updates, AAMI 's New President & CEO10/6/201612/17/2016Approved
Volume 26, Issue 42016 ACCE Officer/Board Election ResultsACCE Bylaws UpdateCE Development in Albania and Balkan RegionAAMI HTM Certification2016 Class of CCEsand more....8/18/201610/5/2016Approved
Volume 26, Issue 32015 Body of Knowledge Survey ResultsACCE at AAMI 2016Upcoming ACCE Board ElectionsPerspectives from ECRI: Standardized Inventory Data for Improved Recall ManagementAAMI News: Clinical Engineers Can't "Surrender" to Technology....HTF Report: Moving towards a True Foundation6/20/20168/12/2016Approved
Volume 26, Issue 22016 Advocacy Awards RecipientsACCE at AAMI 2016, TampaNew MembersAAMI UpdateHIMSS2016 - Am International Perspective3/1/20166/19/2016Approved
Volume 26, Issue 1HIMSS 2016: ACCE Co-sponsored EventsPreliminary Report on BOK SurveyAAMI Update: Post-Summit Report Aims to Make Risk Management Everybody's Businessand more.....2/14/20164/20/2016Approved
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