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Hall of Fame


Induction into the Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame

Any person, alive or deceased, who has made outstanding and notable contributions to the initiation, evolution and/or advancement of clinical engineering can be nominated for induction into the CE-HOF, regardless of age, sex, race, nationality, residency, education level, years of experience, and membership within ACCE (i.e., non-ACCE members are acceptable).

Unlike most ACCE awards, a person cannot be inducted to CE-HOF based to a single achievement, an extended period of service, or any contribution that can be considered as normal and expected from his/her employment or assignment. Self-nominations will not be accepted.


Eligibility for Nomination

The essential requirement for induction into the CE-HOF is that the individual has contributed in a meaningful way to the initiation, evolution or advancement of the profession. This requirement must be demonstrated by showing how the candidate's contributions have met one or more of the following criteria:
  • Impact: The contribution has significantly impacted the development or growth of CE and continues to demonstrate relevance to the profession's continual advancement and evolution
  • Influence: The contribution has significantly influenced: i) the work of others in the field; ii) the healthcare industry; iii) society at large, regardless of country or region of the world
  • Innovation: The contribution has challenged the status quo and entrenched misconceptions with original thinking/creativity through:  i) introduction of new concepts, methods, or tools; ii) removal or reduction of obstacles; or iii) enhancement of safety and reliability of medical equipment
  • Reach: The contribution has significantly impacted large amount of current and prospective CE professionals, clinical users, regulatory authorities, patients, and society at large

Qualifying Factors:

Induction into the CE-HOF is a unique recognition that the person inducted has contributed in a meaningful way to the initiation, evolution or advancement of the profession. In addition to meeting the above criteria:
  • The contribution should benefit the profession, not just the employer of the nominee. Further, the contribution should not be considered as normal and expected from his/her employment or assignment.
  • The contribution should demonstrate an evolution or advancement in the profession that represents, as best can be determined, an effect that will stand the test of time.
  • The achievements that comprise the contribution must affect the profession, rather the individual. For example, a body of work that qualifies a person for the Lifetime Achievement Award, but which does not demonstrate an evolution or advancement of the profession as a whole, would not qualify the person for induction into the CE-HOF.
The following accomplishments, while they might qualify a nominee for a Lifetime Achievement Award, are not sufficient by themselves for induction into the CE-HOF:
  • Awards, honors, patents, decorations, etc.
  • Published editorials, articles, book chapters, books, etc.
  • Lectures, keynote speeches, presentations, etc.
  • Certifications, association memberships, etc.
  • Leadership position in organizations, companies, associations, etc.

Nomination and Review Procedure

  1. Nomination
    Individuals or organizations interested in nominating a candidate to the CE-HOF must complete a 2-page form and provide clear and concise evidence of the accomplishments that justify the nomination to the Committee. The nominating individual does not have to be an ACCE current or past member. At least three letters of support from well-known clinical engineering professionals are expected to be gathered by the Nominator. Each year, the Committee will specify a Nomination Period which will be published on the ACCE website. The completed Nomination form and supporting documents must be received by the Committee during the Nomination Period to be considered for review. It is not necessary for either the person being nominated or the nominating individual or organization to be a current or past member of ACCE.  Extensive evidence to support the nomination is expected. Self-nomination is not acceptable but multiple nominations for the same candidate are accepted. Members of the CE-HOF Nomination Committee are not eligible for Nomination or Induction into the CE-HOF during their tenure. The nomination should be submitted electronically via online nomination form.
  2. Nominations Review
    The CE-HOF Nomination Committee (NC) shall review all nominations received by the deadline to determine whether the nominees meet the minimum required eligibility criteria as described above. Each year, the Nomination Committee shall select two candidates for subsequent affirmation by the entire ACCE membership. Exceptionally, three candidates may be selected in the first five years (inductees of 2015-2019). A majority vote of the Committee is sufficient to determine the selection of candidates. Members of the Committee are required to abstain from discussing or voting on nominations of their relatives and/or colleagues of the same organization. A Nominee who is not selected as a candidate for Affirmation may be nominated again during any succeeding Nomination Period.  
  3. Voting Procedure
    Affirmation vote: The names of the candidates selected by the CE-HOF Nominations Review Committee will be included in a ballot submitted for an affirmative vote by those members of the entire ACCE membership who are eligible to vote (i.e., individual, fellow and emeritus members). Affirmation for induction requires that the candidate is approved by at least 75% of the members voting.  The affirmation vote of the ACCE membership is then ratified by ACCE Board.
  4. Unsuccessful candidates: Candidates who did not receive affirmation from 75% of the members voting can be nominated again, however, a candidate is limited to three (3) attempts to achieve the affirmative vote. Each repeat nomination must be made with a new and complete nomination form with the pertinent supporting material.

To submit your nomination online click he​​re​​​

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