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 Call for Nominations for the Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame - Class of 2019


The American College of Clinical Engineering is seeking nominations of individuals who had made outstanding and notable contributions to and/or the evolution and advancement of Clinical Engineering.

See eligibility requirements and nomination form to the left and email completed nominations to  Please be as detailed as possible and include supporting information, documents, and justifications.

The 2019 inductees will be honored on June 8, 2019, at the ACCE's Annual Members Meeting/Awards reception in Cleveland, Ohio.

Completed nominations and supporting documents must be received by February 10, 2019


The 2018 Inductees

Yadin David, Ed.D. James Wear, Ph.D.
Dr. David has been inducted into the Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame in recognition of his leadership and vision in bringing clinical engineering to its status as a recognized and important profession. His signature achievements in the formation of the American College of Clinical Engineering and the Healthcare Technology Foundation helped to provide pivotal opportunities for clinical engineering to stand as an independent profession and to have an appropriate home for the certification process. His continuing vision of clinical engineering as a global profession paved the way for the enduring international cooperation in the profession.  Read more Dr. Wear has been inducted into the Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame in recognition of his impact on two generations of clinical engineers through education, teaching, and mentoring. In the early days of the profession, the late 1960s and early 1970s, he established the first teaching periodical in clinical engineering. His pioneering work also included the establishment of the training center that became U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs National Engineering Training Center. Over the course of his career, Dr. Wear has taught aspects of clinical engineering worldwide and taken on leadership challenges in clinical engineering education and advocacy. Read more

The 2017 Inductees

Jeffrey Cooper, PhD Joel J. Nobel
Dr. Fennigkoh has been inducted into the Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame in recognition of his pioneering work in developing a medical device inventory inclusion algorithm that significantly reduced the maintenance and regulatory burden for many of the nation’s hospitals. He is also being recognized for his application of human factors principles in device investigations and the reduction of medical error.  Read more Dr. Wang has been inducted into the Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame in recognition for using the scientific method and quantitative data analysis to advance clinical engineering, for leading the opposition to unnecessary and overly burdensome regulatory control and, above all, for enhancing patient safety in the deployment of health technology. Read more

The 2016 Inductee

Malcolm Ridgway, PhD, CCE, FAIMBE

Dr. Ridgway has been inducted into the Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame in recognition for excellence in innovation, for influencing the direction that clinical engineering has taken over the decades, and for his impact on CE professionals, clinical users, regulatory authorities, patients and society in general with his fight for rational, evidence-based maintenance. Read more


The 2015 Inductees

Jeffrey Cooper, PhD Joel J. Nobel
Dr. Cooper has been inducted into the Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame in recognition of his leadership in Patient Safety, Medical Simulation, and CE in the US and around the world. Read more Dr. Nobel has been inducted into the Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame in recognition of for excellence in innovation, influence on CE, and technology evaluation in the US and the world. Read more


About the Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame (CE-HOF)

The role of clinical engineering in healthcare is generally not well understood by individuals outside of the profession. Even individuals within the profession sometimes have difficulty communicating its value. The American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE) created the Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame (CE-HOF) to address this situation by publicly celebrating the application of engineering and managerial skills to support and advance the application of technology to patient care.

The ACCE believes the CE-HOF can help the public understand and appreciate the essential role of clinical engineering professionals within the healthcare environment. Additionally, the CE-HOF allows students and others who are interested in exploring clinical engineering as a profession to understand and appreciate the challenges and rewards in pursuing this career.

The Clinical Engineering Hall of Fame is an "outward facing" (to the wider public) virtual museum established that tells the story of clinical engineering, from its beginnings in the late 1960s to the present date, by honoring the visionaries, leaders, and luminaries who have contributed to the creation, evolution, and advancement of the profession.
The CE-HOF Nominations Review Committee (NC) has been established for the purpose of reviewing nominations and selecting deserving candidates for voting by the  ACCE membership. The Committee is composed of 5 (five) members appointed by ACCE Board selected among its Fellow and Emeritus members. Each member shall serve for 3 (three) years with the possibility of being appointed only once; staggered terms will be developed. Currently, the Nomination Committee is chaired by Ray Zambuto, and other members are Thomas Judd,  Bill Hyman, Tom O'Dea, and Malcolm Ridgway.

Each year, the inductees affirmed by the ACCE membership will be announced at the ACCE annual assembly (or awards ceremony) and via official ACCE publications and website. No monetary award or plaque will be offered. Instead, the recognition will be made in the virtual museum on the ACCE website. On the virtual museum, pictures, biography, documents, etc. of the inductees will be posted, so the general public, clinical engineering professionals, and aspiring professionals can learn about the extraordinary contributions made by these pioneers.


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