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July 11
The American College of Clinical Engineering Code of EthicsEdit

In the fulfillment of our duties Clinical Engineers will: 

·      Hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public.

·      Improve the efficacy and safety of healthcare through the application of Technology.

·      Support the efficacy and safety of healthcare through the acquisition and exchange of information and experience with other engineers and managers.

·      Manage healthcare technology programs effectively and resources responsibly.

·      Accurately represent their level of responsibility, authority, experience, knowledge and education and perform services only in their area of competence.

·      Maintain confidentiality of patient information as well as proprietary employer or client information, unless doing so would endanger public safety or violate any legal obligations.

·      Not engage in any activities that are conflicts of interest or that provide the appearance of conflicts of interest and that can adversely affect their performance or impair their professional judgment.

·      Conduct themselves honorably and legally in all their activities.​



Some American college is in discussion here as i hope can be used by those who are in need of that for those who will be there on time as well. You can see this and we hope that can be used by others who will be able to like that.
 on 2/12/2021 3:59 AM

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