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Welcome to my SharePoint > ACCE Blog > Posts > The role ACCE has played in my professional development - Katherine Navarro
March 13
The role ACCE has played in my professional development - Katherine NavarroEdit

Being a member of ACCE and now the chair of the ACCE’s Body of Knowledge (BOK) Committee has given me the opportunity to network with well-known and respected Clinical Engineers in the HTM field.  My involvement in the BOK committee for ACCE has allowed me to see the impact that ACCE and the HTM profession has internationally, which is evidenced by the BOK survey responses that we received and analyzed.  With my involvement, I have also been able to give back to the HTM community by developing the current body of knowledge for the field, co-authoring a report and newsletter article, and updating the CCE Study Guide for the future generation of Clinical Engineers.​


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