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American College of Clinical Engineering > ACCE Blog > Posts > 5. What about the oral exam? Did you study for it? Was it Fair? Appropriate?
July 22
5. What about the oral exam? Did you study for it? Was it Fair? Appropriate?Edit
  • ​Yes, I actively prepared for the oral exam.   I reviewed practice questions and made up my own.  I prepared like I was going to an interview and tried to align my thoughts on topics that I do not deal with on a daily basis at work.   (D.E.)
  • The CCE prep course from ACCE has helped me immensely for the oral. I practiced for the oral by giving myself 15-20minutes and write up a short narrative of the scenario. I got these questions by asking around in the field of Certified Clinical Engineers. (B.I.)
  • I studied for the CCE oral exam as well for about 6 months.  I took ACCE’s CCE oral exam prep class, which helped me learn the format of the exam, what to expect, and provided some example scenarios to study.  I collected about 20 example scenarios from previous prep courses, and I practiced each of them as if I were taking the oral exam.  I would time myself to allow the appropriate time to write notes after just looking at the scenario, and then I would time myself responding to the sample questions.  I would only look at one question at a time, so I did not know what question was next, just like the real oral exam.  I typed all my responses and other notes I thought of after practicing the scenarios, and I reviewed those notes in preparation for the oral exam.  I thought the oral exam was fair and appropriate for the body of knowledge that Clinical Engineers should know (K.N.)
  • I reviewed the same materials. I found it fair and appropriate. (M.M.)
  • Same as for Written Exam. Yes, I think the questions were fair and very relevant to the Clinical Engineering field. (J.)
  • Since the topics covered in the oral exam are the same as the topics in the written exam, I did not study for the oral exam and just did a few weeks of a quick review before taking the oral exam. The oral exam was fair and the questions covered a broad range of CE topics (H.E.)
  • To study for the oral exam questions, I reviewed common problems being experienced in healthcare today, mainly by reviewing articles, journals, and other publications.  Additionally, I re-reviewed the study guide and my notes used in preparation for the written exam. (J.M.)​


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