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Why get certified?Edit

I’m a full proponent of getting certified as a Clinical Engineer because, not only does it stand out as a stamp of excellence to your peers, customers, current & future employers that you are indeed qualified for the job, it’s also an affirmation of your knowledge of the Clinical Engineering Body of Knowledge (BOK) and your ability to articulate it in solving real-life problems; The process tests your ability to think on your feet when the problem gets presented to you, and most of the times this is how real life problems get presented to you. To me one of the greatest benefits of the Certification process  comes as a by-product of the  CE certification renewal requirements. The requirements help you to stay current with the profession, emerging technologies and regulations, in so doing helping you to expand on the Body of Knowledge.

Bokang Motlotle, CCE



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Re: Why get certified?

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Re: Why get certified?

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Re: Why get certified?

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