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American College of Clinical Engineering > ACCE Blog > Posts > Why is Certification important? article by Arif Subhan in 2007
June 29
Why is Certification important? article by Arif Subhan in 2007Edit

As Arif had mentioned in his article in 24x7 in Jan 2007 issue:

"Certification is required in other professions, such as accounting (certified public accountants); teaching; the legal field; quality engineering; health care architecture; and, of course, in the medical profession, such as for physicians. Certification is a mark of distinction in any profession. It shows that the certified individual has knowledge of and experience in the subject, and it is a recognition of professional excellence by peers.

Certification should be viewed as an investment in your career. The benefits of certification may include monetary reward, potential advancement in the profession, an edge during the hiring process, independent evidence of competency, and personal satisfaction in addressing the desire for ongoing education."

To read the entire article, please go to​



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