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American College of Clinical Engineering > ACCE Blog > Posts > The Importance of Certification in Clinical Engineering - Andrew Ibey, CCE-CA
June 25
The Importance of Certification in Clinical Engineering - Andrew Ibey, CCE-CAEdit

Certification as a Clinical Engineer marks a sub-specialization in the field of Clinical Engineering amongst the broad field of Biomedical Engineering. It illustrates to customers, clients and health practitioners that an individual has:  gained broad experience, distinguished knowledge and met specific competencies overseen by an independent certification board. 

Certification provides credibility to the public that an individual is capable of making health care technology management decisions. Board Certified Clinical Engineers are passionate and committed to continuing education to remain current in the fast-growing field.

 ​Andrew Ibey, M.Eng., P.Eng., SMIEEE, CCE


Re: The Importance of Certification in Clinical Engineering - Andrew Ibey, CCE-CA

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