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American College of Clinical Engineering > ACCE Blog > Posts > Clinical Engineers are great people and ACCE is a great organization for meeting them - Tom O'Dea​
May 15
Clinical Engineers are great people and ACCE is a great organization for meeting them - Tom O'Dea​Edit

As I enter my fiftieth year of activity in the clinical engineering community, I marvel at the tremendous people in the field and I am thankful that the American College for Clinical Engineering provides a mechanism for communications within the profession.  From my earliest years when I learned that strong connections with medical professionals and willingness to be of service to all are the key job elements from pioneers like Tom Hargest and Gailord Gordon, to learning the methods of demonstrating value from such as Larry Fennigkoh and Manny Furst, I have marveled at the capability and generosity of the clinical engineers I have met especially through ACCE.  Clinical Engineers are great people and ACCE provides a great organization for meeting them. ​


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