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March 17
ACCE COVID-19 advisoryEdit

As the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues in US and most of the world, it is very hard to focus on anything else at this time. We recognize that there is great deal of anxiety about what is yet to come. The  CDC has issued a directive related to daily monitoring of personnel for symptoms concerning COVID-19. ACCE strongly encourages all Clinical Engineering/HTM Departments to perform daily checks for their staff, in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We also recommend having a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, which should include some or all of the items listed below.


Influenza-like illness or
fever (subjective or T >=100º Fahrenheit/37.8º Celsius) or,
active cough or
shortness of breath or
sore throat or
uncontained secretions (runny nose)


-Spread out technicians in 3 shifts in order to limit close contact (less people in the shop)
-Separate technicians in clusters working in different areas. If someone gets infected from one of the clusters, you can have other clusters jump in to help
-Identify positions that can work from home or from a remote site, and implement an onsite/offsite schedule
-Utilize Skype/Webex/Zoom or other video communication tools for meetings
-Implement a 10-hour shifts/4 days to limit amount of time onsite
-Eliminate/postpone all non-essential projects
-Only allow vendors onsite for high priority repairs during this period
-Identify devices that may be a shortage on during this time (Patient monitors, ventilators, CRRT, Heart/Lung Machines, CAPR, etc.) and communicate with vendors for a backup plan
-File a Medical Necessity Document with vendors who have such a program – that way you can get access to certain equipment during the emergency


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