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July 22
7. Did you find the questions in the written exam and oral exam are relevant to the current HTM field practices?Edit

  • ​​For the oral exam, yes, I found them relevant.  For the written exam, some of the questions I thought were not relevant and instead required memorization about functions of a specific device.  Some questions were more appropriate for a BMET vs. a clinical engineer. Also, the study guide was sometimes difficult to follow and had some outdated information, grammatical errors, and run on sentences. The study guide did not relate to the test as much as I hoped it would.  (D.E.)
  • Yes, I see the questions developed by the board of examiners are developed based on the current industry practices and by considering the trends on where the HTM field is emerging.  (B.I.)
  • Yes, I felt that the questions in the written exam and the scenarios/questions on the oral exam touched on a variety of different topics in the body of knowledge for Clinical Engineers, and I think all of it was relevant to the HTM field. (K.N.)
  • Yes, absolutely. (M.M.)
  • Yes, I found the questions to be very relevant to the current HTM field practices. (J.)
  • The questions in both the written and the oral exams were relevant to current HTM field practices. However, the board of examiners must review and update the exam contents on an annual bases to keep up with the extremely fast advancement in the field. (H.E.)


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