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American College of Clinical Engineering > ACCE Blog > Posts > Why did you decide to seek certification in Clinical Engineering (CCE)?
July 22
Why did you decide to seek certification in Clinical Engineering (CCE)?Edit

  • I decided to seek certification as a way to be recognized by my peers as an expert in the field of clinical engineering.  (D.E.)
  • ​Upon competition of my Master’s in Engineering and entering into the HTM field as a Clinical Engineer intern, I found out that CCE certification will give me the knowledge and skills required to perform well in the HTM field. Being in the HTM field where patient safety & care is the core mission in the healthcare industry, I felt CCE provides me the knowledge to support and advance the patient care. (B.I.)
  • I wanted to demonstrate that I am knowledgeable, competent and experienced in the field of Clinical Engineering.  I passed the EIT exam after college, but I knew there was not a specific PE exam for Biomedical Engineering.  When I learned about the CCE certification, it seemed like a perfect substitute for the PE exam, since it was a professional certification specifically in the field of Clinical Engineering. (K.N.)
  •  I am a supporter of voluntary certification as an important step of a professional’s career towards excellence. (M.M.)
  •  To meet professional development goals and to increase job marketability. (J)
  • I believe obtaining the CCE certification promotes the profession by inspiring other qualified clinical engineers to pursue the certification. Being a certified clinical engineer demonstrates competency and an interest in continuing education. It also increases the clinical engineer’s chances for career advancement and being more marketable when searching the new job opportunities.   (H.E.)
  •  For a few reasons: Professional curiosity in my abilities, for recognition of certification upon achievement, to increase my desirability to other healthcare or adjunct healthcare support organizations for the future of my career. (J.M.)



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