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American College of Clinical Engineering > ACCE Blog > Posts > The Importance of Certification - Carol Davis-Smith
June 25
The Importance of Certification - Carol Davis-SmithEdit

Certification as a clinical engineer holds importance for me personally and professionally.  Early in my career, I pursued certification as a means of demonstrating my commitment to excellence and on-going growth in my chosen profession.  In my case, there was no immediate incentive like a pay increase or promotion upon certification.  Instead, I pursued certification as an investment in my long-term future.  Similarly, as a hiring manager, I was drawn to candidates who had achieved certification or were actively pursuing it.  My assumption was that they too were taking the initiative to invest in their long-term future. 

An additional benefit to certification was the opportunity to serve on the CCE Board of Examiners.  This experience allowed me to influence the body of knowledge required of clinical engineers today and into the future.  It also introduced me to CCE colleagues and aspiring clinical engineers that I would not likely have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

Carol Davis-Smith, MS, CCE, FACCE, FAAMI


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Certifications can set you apart from other professionals in your field by demonstrating your commitment to understanding and excelling in your field.
 on 4/17/2023 8:06 PM
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