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American College of Clinical Engineering > ACCE Blog > Posts > Joining ACCE is good for you and for the profession - Michele Manzoli
May 22
Joining ACCE is good for you and for the profession - Michele ManzoliEdit

Joining ACCE has been for me natural and without too much thinking. I was a member of the Italian Association of Clinical Engineers (also founded in the early 1990s), and I already had the chance to appreciate benefits and opportunities related to the membership. When I moved to the States, I was actually very excited to have the opportunity to connect with those who I call "the superstars" of our field. Aside from the representation of our interests to agencies and governmental entities, the numerous educational offers, and the several discounts, I believe the greatest benefit consists in the network of top-notch professionals from all over the country (actually, the world) sharing the same passion and commitment. That's why I always try to attend the ACCE meeting/awards receptions, to catch up with "old" colleagues and meet new ones, in a joyful and celebratory atmosphere. ​


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