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Joining ACCE is good for you and for the profession - Michele ManzoliEdit

Joining ACCE has been for me natural and without too much thinking. I was a member of the Italian Association of Clinical Engineers (also founded in the early 1990s), and I already had the chance to appreciate benefits and opportunities related to the membership. When I moved to the States, I was actually very excited to have the opportunity to connect with those who I call "the superstars" of our field. Aside from the representation of our interests to agencies and governmental entities, the numerous educational offers, and the several discounts, I believe the greatest benefit consists in the network of top-notch professionals from all over the country (actually, the world) sharing the same passion and commitment. That's why I always try to attend the ACCE meeting/awards receptions, to catch up with "old" colleagues and meet new ones, in a joyful and celebratory atmosphere. ​


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Re: Joining ACCE is good for you and for the profession - Michele Manzoli

It's truly remarkable to hear about your fifty years of dedication to the clinical engineering community! Your reflection on the valuable connections and contributions made by pioneers like Tom Hargest, Gailord Gordon, Larry Fennigkoh, and Manny Furst highlights the rich history and generosity within the profession. The American College for Clinical Engineering (ACCE) serves as a vital platform for fostering communication and collaboration among clinical engineers, enabling the sharing of knowledge and best practices. Indeed, clinical engineers play a crucial role in the healthcare industry, and organizations like ACCE provide a supportive network for professionals to thrive and continue making a positive impact. Congratulations on your milestone, and here's to many more years of success and growth within the field!
 on 4/9/2024 2:42 AM

Joining ACCE is good for you and for the profession - Michele Manzoli

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Joining ACCE is good for you and for the profession - Michele Manzoli

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