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May 14
Collaboration is The Key to Excellence - Manny FurstEdit

I’m pleased with this opportunity to express my gratitude for friends and colleagues who, collectively and collaboratively, have brought our profession and its accomplishments to this point and who will carry progress forward. Individually we provide meaningful support to our organizations, but, we do so with the benefit of others – others within and outside our organizations. Participation in organizations like ACCE provides richness – ideas and information we use and share. Importantly, participation advances our profession beyond the ability of any individual. In my own experience I learned what could become of the full extent of my responsibilities by communicating with more experienced professionals and my enthusiasm grew from their sharing and encouragement. Inspired by their successes and accomplishments I too became a catalyst for collaboration within my organization and in ACCE and AAMI: publishing, presenting, chairing committees and holding office. Each commitment paid dividends in my own career, provided meaningful friendships, and created memories lasting into retirement.



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