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  • ​​No, I did not know anyone. (D.E.)
  •  I did not know who was on the board of examiners and I think to me it didn’t make any difference. Examiners are very professional and scenarios are clear. Examiners has repeated the question several times for me upon my request so that I can answer them to the best of my knowledge and experience. (B.I.)
  • I did not know who was on the US Board of Examiners before I took the oral exam.  The examiners that I had were very professional and courteous throughout the process.  I do not think knowing or not knowing the examiners would make a difference on my performance on the oral exam.  I did, however, like not knowing my examiners because it felt like a clean slate, since they did not have any pre-conceived ideas about me.  I considered the oral exam like a new job interview, where it was my chance to impress the examiners with how I presented myself and how I responded to the questions. (K.N.)
  • No, and it did not make any difference. (M.M.)
  • I did not know my examiners. I think not knowing the examiners beforehand helped alleviate the stress of being examined by peers that I already knew. (J.)
  • I did not know the examiners and I don’t think knowing them would have made any difference in taking the exam. (H.E.)
  • I do believe that I may have met one of the individuals previously, through a mutual colleague.  However, that did not play into my speaking in the oral exam. (J.M.)​


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