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  • ​​Yes, I actively prepared for the CCE written exam.  I studied every day for about a month using the study guide, HTM journals, and ECRI.    I also attended the course about 8 months prior to the written exam.  (D.E.)To prepare for the written exam, I used study guide as an outline for areas to study. Study guide does cover the outline and scope of questions we may expect in the CCE exam. I did spend 1-year of research by reading through several ACCE and AAMI BI&T articles, case studies, 24X7 magazine etc., and I also prepared a binder by grouping the articles and several reference materials. It helped me when preparing for the written exam. (B.I.)
  • I actively prepared for the CCE written exam for about 6 months.  First, I read the book “A Practicum for Biomedical Engineering & Technology Management Issues” edited by Les Atles.  This book provided a great foundation for the topics you need to know for the CCE written exam.  Next, I participated in the ACCE CCE review course, which was a great course that helped to solidify each topic on the CCE exam.  Finally, I read through technical journals and magazines for articles related to each of the exam topic areas.  I probably prepared more than most people, but I wanted to fully review each topic to feel confident in taking the CCE written exam. (K.N.)
  • I actively prepared, reviewing my Master’s materials and the HTM Practicum published by AAMI. I worked for 2 months. (M.M.)
  • I would say I actively studied two times. First time when I was taking the course at the AAMI conference, and second time before I was taking the written exam. I probably studied for two months, on items that I don’t active work on as part of every day job, and different standards. Depending on the nature of work, focus can be different. The study guide is useful, and it’s always good to keep up with the industry by reading and always be curious. (R.Z.)
  • Yes. I attended the CCE Prep Course offered the AAMI Exchange. I received guidance from this course that helped me in preparing to study. I spent a few weeks studying prior to the written exam. (J.)​


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