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  • ​​My employer recognizes certification as a personnel achievement as they would any professional certification. (D.E.) 
  • Yes, my employer does encourage and highly recognize this certification as a major accomplishment in the field of HTM. (B.I.)
  • I wanted to demonstrate that I am knowledgeable, competent and experienced in the field of Clinical Engineering.  I passed the EIT exam after college, but I knew there was not a specific PE exam for Biomedical Engineering.  When I learned about the CCE certification, it seemed like a perfect substitute for the PE exam, since it was a professional certification specifically in the field of Clinical Engineering. (K.N.)
  • Yes, they will reimburse me for the incurred cost. (M.M.)
  • Yes, my employer recognizes CCE and offers a special achievement award. (J.)
  • Yes, leadership in my organization recognizes the certification as a career achievement and encourages other engineers in the department to study and pass the certification exam.   (H.E.)
  • Yes, my current employer and client both view the certification as valuable and important. (J.M.)


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