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(guitar strumming) - Let's talk about tuning tuner online

​your acoustic guitar. Why do we need to tune? Well, it's important

because different things can affect your tuning

like temperature changes, humidity changes, your

tuners may have been knocked out of place, if

you're taking it in or out of a gig bag or case, and if

you just changed your strings you definitely wanna make

sure you're tuned up.

So I'm using this Fender Acoustic, where we have three tuners on either side, and if we go down and

name the strings we have E, A, D, G, B, and E. A reminder if you just

changed your strings, one or the whole set, make sure

to stretch out your strings to take up some of the slack that might be on the tuning pegs. And if your guitar sounds like this, (guitar strumming)

you are in the right place, it's time to tune, so let's get started. There are many ways to tune your guitar, the Fender Tune app being one of them.

It's a great way to tune using

your mobile device anywhere. Let's open up the app. And then one of the

first things I wanna do is make sure I have the

correct instrument selected. So let's go to settings. Now obviously I'm using an Acoustic, but I can also select Electric or Bass. So I have Acoustic selected. There's some helpful tone

and tuning tips included. Otherwise there's manual

mode, and auto mode, which I'm going to use

for this demonstration. It's the easiest way to

get into standard tuning. I wanna remind you also

to tune up to the note. We do this to make sure that the string is tight around the peg. If we tune down or loosen the string, there's a greater risk of the

string slipping out of tune.

Let's get started with our low E. (guitar strumming) So for this note, I can

see that I'm actually flat or below the note, so I need to tune up. (guitar strumming) All right, perfect.

(app chiming) Let's move on to our A string. (guitar strumming) So this one I'm actually

sharp, or above the note, so I wanna go back down. (guitar strumming) And as I mentioned before

I wanna go past the note, just a little bit so I can tune up to make sure that the string is tight. (guitar strumming) All right, now go back up.

(guitar strumming) (app chiming) Great, now let's move on to D. (guitar strumming) All right, too flat, we need to tune up. (guitar strumming) (app chiming)

Perfect, now the G string. (guitar strumming) As you can see, I keep sounding the note to make sure that the note doesn't die as I'm moving towards the target note. (guitar strumming) (app chiming)

Now next is our B. (guitar strumming) Now this one's sharp so again, tune down a little bit past the

note, and then back up. (guitar strumming) (app chiming) And finally, our high E string. (guitar strumming) Again too flat, so I need to go up. (guitar strumming) (app chiming)

All right, let's see how we did. (guitar strumming) Perfect. So as I mentioned, there are

many ways to tune the guitar.

You can stick with the Fender Tune app, or you can use the Fender

Online Tuner at You can also use a clip-on

tuner or a pedal tuner. Use the tool that seems right for you. Good luck and have fun. (guitar strumming).


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