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Category : CCE - Certification in Clinical Engineering

July 22
6. Did you know who was on the US or Canadian Board of Examiners before you met some of them at your oral exam? Did knowing or not knowing make any difference to you?
July 22
5. What about the oral exam? Did you study for it? Was it Fair? Appropriate?
July 22
3. Do your colleagues recognize the CCE as worthy professional recognition and/or personal achievement?
July 22
Does your employer recognize certification as an achievement for you and importance to the institution/organization?
July 22
Why did you decide to seek certification in Clinical Engineering (CCE)?
July 02
Clinical Engineering Certification: ¬≠Definitely Valuable;  Mark Bruley
July 01
Why get certified?
June 29
What is the purpose of Clinical Engineering Certification? by Binseng Wang
June 29
Why is Certification important? article by Arif Subhan in 2007
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