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May 30
Membership with a total focus on Clinical Engineering - Jim Caporali

If you are a Clinical Engineer or involved in the daily management of medical devices, you must invest in ACCE membership.  No other organization offers a professional network dedicated to Clinical Engineering.  Networking, opportunities to serve and give back to the profession, and the knowledge base of this group is phenomenal!!!​

May 22
Joining ACCE is good for you and for the profession - Michele Manzoli

Joining ACCE has been for me natural and without too much thinking. I was a member of the Italian Association of Clinical Engineers (also founded in the early 1990s), and I already had the chance to appreciate benefits and opportunities related to the membership. When I moved to the States, I was actually very excited to have the opportunity to connect with those who I call "the superstars" of our field. Aside from the representation of our interests to agencies and governmental entities, the numerous educational offers, and the several discounts, I believe the greatest benefit consists in the network of top-notch professionals from all over the country (actually, the world) sharing the same passion and commitment. That's why I always try to attend the ACCE meeting/awards receptions, to catch up with "old" colleagues and meet new ones, in a joyful and celebratory atmosphere. ​

May 22
​ACCE helped me as a young careerist by providing opportunities to get involved and engaged early on - Samantha Herold

ACCE helped me as a young careerist by providing opportunities to get involved and engaged early on. I joined the Educational Committee and was able to network with other professionals, participate in planning educational seminars, and host webinars. All of the skills gained from these activities translated extremely well to my career and have helped in my success.​

May 21
ACCE International – German Giles

​Being one of the many ACCE members around the world, my experience has been always of continuum support from/to other members. The ACCE International Workshops are Great opportunities to learn and share experiences with colleagues; Collaboration initiatives in the field, working with all stakeholders (World Health Organization/ Ministries of Health/ Universities/ Hospitals/ Clinical-Biomedical Engineers/ Physicians/ Nurses/ Manufacturers); A good way to get updated on Healthcare Technologies around the world and to Meet new friends.

Your ACCE membership will give you a recognized place, being part of it.​

May 21
Ever since I joined ACCE, my career has felt much more grounded and guided – Ismael Cordero 

Ever since I joined ACCE, my career has felt much more grounded and guided.  The amazing educational and networking activities provided by ACCE have been a critical component of my professional development. It has been an absolute pleasure to have volunteered at ACCE as a board member, an International Committee member, and as co-editor of its newsletter for several years. Now that I am travelling much less I look forward to volunteering again. ACCE is always very responsive to the needs of its members and feels more like family than an organization.  I am very grateful and proud to be a member of ACCE!​

May 21
Come join us at ACCE. Your career will thank you – I know mine did. – Ray Zambuto

I was midway through my career when ACCE was formed.  I thought - "We don't need another society."  Some seven years later, finding that other organizations were focusing elsewhere, I joined and became active, serving on committees and eventually a term as President.  Today, as then, ACCE is the only major society solely dedicated to clinical engineering.  Time after time, ACCE has driven advancement in our profession.  From international workshops in clinical engineering, to certification, to development of interoperable systems, ACCE continues to lead the way.  Being an ACCE member is like having an extended family of peers who can be counted on to work together and support each other while shaping the future of the profession.  I have built lasting friendships through ACCE and developed skills that served me throughout my career.  Come join us at ACCE.  Your career will thank you – I know mine did.​

May 21
Join to learn, collaborate and give back – Binseng Wang

I was privileged to be a founding ACCE member even though I was at that time working in Brazil and came to US only occasionally.  Joining ACCE allowed me to meet and learn from the pioneers that I had known only through their publications.  Later, when I moved to the US, I was given the honor of chairing the Membership Committee and participating in numerous international workshops and ACCE initiatives (e.g., TJC, CMS, and FDA campaigns).  These opportunities allowed me to collaborate with other ACCE leaders and propose solutions that became widely accepted.  I can honestly say that ACCE has helped grow my career and I am thrilled to give back to the profession through it.​

May 19
​Being active in ACCE is one of several activities that has helped me have a long and fulfilling career as a clinical engineer - Ted Cohen

Being active in ACCE is one of several activities that has helped me have a long and fulfilling career as a clinical engineer. ACCE’s focus on Clinical Engineering separates it from other organizations and makes it a most worthwhile organization to be an active  member of.  Although I have spent many hours on ACCE activities, including Newsletter editor, CCE Prep instructor, speaking at conferences, active member of several committees, Board of Directors, and much more, I have always felt that I received more from my various professional activities than I gave. ACCE involvement offered me opportunities for growth and collaboration that would probably not have occurred without active membership. Over the years I have gained many great friendships and professional colleagues through ACCE and hope to continue those relationships into my “semi-retirement. Please join ACCE and help be part of the future of Clinical Engineering and ACCE.​

May 17
I feel more fulfilled in my career by being active with ACCE and look forward to continuing to work on HTM initiatives in the future - Arleen Thukral

ACCE is a valuable organization and provides a great community of clinical engineering professionals to its members. This year I had the pleasure of getting more involved with ACCE. I joined the ACCE Education committee and had the opportunity to help shape the educational opportunities this year through the ACCE Webinar Series and ACCE Cybersecurity symposium at AAMI. I worked on Data Access and Documentation HTCC sub-committee to audit policies against ISO/IEC 17024. I became an ACCE mentor. I also worked on the CCE Study Guide Task Force to rewrite some Body of Knowledge sections. I feel more fulfilled in my career by being active with ACCE and look forward to continuing to work on HTM initiatives in the future. ​

May 15
Clinical Engineers are great people and ACCE is a great organization for meeting them - Tom O'Dea​

As I enter my fiftieth year of activity in the clinical engineering community, I marvel at the tremendous people in the field and I am thankful that the American College for Clinical Engineering provides a mechanism for communications within the profession.  From my earliest years when I learned that strong connections with medical professionals and willingness to be of service to all are the key job elements from pioneers like Tom Hargest and Gailord Gordon, to learning the methods of demonstrating value from such as Larry Fennigkoh and Manny Furst, I have marveled at the capability and generosity of the clinical engineers I have met especially through ACCE.  Clinical Engineers are great people and ACCE provides a great organization for meeting them. ​

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